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There are numerous ways to get "rich" at thirteen.

1. Become an actor



4.Become a web master

5.Make T-Shirts for your community

6.Buy and sell "penny stocks"

7.Buy and sell things on eBay

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Can you be famous and rich as thirdteen?

A person can be rich and famous at the age of thirteen. They can either be born into a rich and famous family or they can do something that makes them famous. People like Justin Bieber became rich and famous at a young age because of their talents.

How did the thirteen colonies trade?

The thirteen colonies traded with clothes and food and useful supplies that could be very helpful.

How do you write 13.16 in words?

13.16 could be written in a few ways Thirteen point one six Thirteen dollars and sixteen cents (if referring to money) Thirteen and sixteen hundredths

Why did the rich people eat rich meat?

because they could

How do you make your parents rich?

mmm you could make them rich

What is the verb for richly?

The verb for richly could be rich. As in "to be rich".

What is an adjective for someone who is rich?

An adjective for someone who is rich could be wealthy.

Why most posters are rich?

I didn't know that posters could be rich.

Did Oliver Goldsmith believe you could never be too rich?

No, Goldsmith did not believe you could ever be too rich.

How many films can you name with thirteen in it?

* Oceans Thirteen * Stallag Thirteen * Thirteen Days * Thirteen Dead Men * Thirteen Ghosts * Thirteen Women * Flight for Thirteen * Four Thirteen

Can you give me a sentence with the word thirteen in it?

your question could count as one

Why your civic running to rich?

Your civic could be running too rich because you used bad gasoline. It could also be running rich if a spark plug needs replaced.

What colony split into two and was a rich rice growing area?

The Carolinas were rich rice growing areas. Of the thirteen colonies they were also the only ones that at first glance split in two. So, as a final answer, Carolina.

Why did your goldfish die in thirteen days?

it matters how they died could have been a deidease

In 1748 did rich people have slaves?

In the thirteen colonies that became the US, if they wanted to they did. Slavery was legal in all the thirteen colonies. Georgia was the newest colony and had attempted to ban slavery at the beginning, but a weak colonial government could not stop people from moving into Georgia and bringing their slaves. Most plantation owners had slaves, even if they weren't crazy about the idea, because there was no other source of labor to work the land. Rich merchants, doctors and lawyers who lived in towns might have some household slaves.

What part of speech is thirteen?

The word thirteen can be an adjective, as in "There were thirteen bunnies" or a noun, as in "The number thirteen" or a pronoun, as in "The thirteen went for a ride."

Who could vote in athens?

Rich men.

What did Jesus say was hard for a rich man to do?

A camel could pass through the eye of a needle as easy as a rich man could enter heaven.

How do you spell 13?

thirteenyou spell it spell it thirteen.

What are some jobs for a thirteen year old?

You could do a paper route on your street or neighborhood.

Could 11 years old kids go to Halloween horror nights?

No, you have to be thirteen.

What do you get a thirteen year old?

Well ask him/her,maybe a phone,or if its a girl you could get her a necklace. :)

Could you write a check for 1350oo thirteen hundred and fifty?

How to write 1350 on a check

Could a thirteen year old girl go out with Jaden Smith?

No. Most likely not.

Could both men and women work in bakery's in the thirteen original colonies?