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How could you get the best temperature and length of burn on a cylinder wood stove?

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draft setting, low, clean out ashes, damper set on med, burn hard wood,

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Where in your house could the temperature exceed 100 degrees Celsius?

A fridge or a woodburning stove.

Get a Clear Temperature on Your Stove?

Have you ever baked a delicious treat in your stove only to find that it took a little bit longer than expected to cook it completely through? This could be because your stove doesn't give a true reading temperature wise. If you'd like to find out what the true temperature inside of your stove is without investing in a repair for your stove, invest in a stove thermometer that can be attached on the floor or wall of the inside of your stove. This way, when the stove is done preheating, you can check the internal thermometer to do a double-check.

In which state is the LPG in cylinder of the cooking stove?

In the cylinder it is in liquid phase.

What is the highest temperature of a stove burner?


Why does the tube that carries the gas from the cylinder to the stove doesn't catch fire when the stove is ignited?

... because the gas only burns when it has oxygen from the air, which it gets at the stove. Hope this helps.

Why a stove is dark at lower temperature?

There is no heat to power it ;)

What is the estimated length of a stove in meters?

I'd say that ' 1 ' is.

How long can you leave chili on the stove?

The chili should not sit out at room temperature for longer than 2 hours. If it is being kept hot - above 140 degrees F - while on the stove, it could sit there as long as you like.

What could chloroplast be compared to in a restaurant?

it could be compared to a stove because the stove provides electrical energy for the making of the food

Is an electric stove better than another kind of stove?

Electric stoves are not as good as gas stoves, it's hard to change or lower the temperature in an electric stove, but it is a cheaper option than a gas stove.

What is the safe maximum temperature for a wood stove?

900 degrees

What temperature does a wood pellet stove burn?

1000 C

What is the temperature of 230c in a gas stove?

230 centegrad is what in fahrenheit

Why the cat sits on the stove above the stove?

Convection - The heat is transferring through the air towards the cooler (temperature) cat.

What temperature does margerine burn?

Im not 100% sure but I have been told on high temperature if you are cooking on the stove

What is a rhyming pair for unusual stove?

A rhyming pair for unusual stove could be STRANGE RANGE.

In your sims kingdom ds were do you get the secretive cylinder?

buy an electrical appliance from lily or a wooden stove

What is the temperature of a bowl of soup?

It depends on how long you keep it on the stove or in the microwave!

What would increase a temperature of a substance?

putting it on the stove for A+ ITS INCREASING ENERGY

What temperature is medium high heat stove top?


What temperature is low heat stove top?

number 1-3

What is a stove plug and how would it work in a power drop configuration?

Its where you plug a stove into. Power drop for what?? Voltage drop deals with wire size and length.

What are the differences between an electric stove and a gas stove?

The main difference between gas and electric stoves is the ease of changing temperature. A gas stove can be turned on and off instantly whilst an electric stove will need time to cool down.

What does a yellow flame on a gas stove mean?

A yellow flame on a gas stove means that not enough oxygen is getting into the stove. Therefore, the stove is not burning cleanly and carbon monoxide could be produced.

Will a gas stove or electric stove cook food better?

A gas stove makes it much easier for some one cooking to have a more precise temperature. However, if you're looking for something cheaper and easier to install, then an electric stove will be right for you.

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