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Go to an event she is attending.

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Samantha Womack (born Samantha Zoe Janus) is 45 years old. (born November 2, 1972)

Samantha Womack (used to be Samantha Janus)

Samantha Womack's birth name is Samantha Zoe Janus.

This information is unknown

Yes, she has 1 son and 1 daughter called Benjamin Thomas Womack and Lily-Rose Womack.

Samantha Womack married Mark Womack on May 16, 2009 and have 2 children both born in Westminster, London. She has a son named Benjamin Thomas Womack, born February 2001. She also has a daughter Lily-Rose Womack, born April 2005. Mark Womack has another son from a previous marriage, Michael Womack.

Yes, Samantha Janus is married. Janus is her maiden name, her married surname is Womack. Samantha married for the second time in 2009 to Mark Womack.

Note that this person goes by the names of: Samantha Womack Samantha James Samantha Janus Sam Janus

Ronnie is played by Samantha Womack.

As this is her private life, it is unknown.

Yes Sam has two Ben and Lily

Ronnie Branning (Ronnie Mitchell) was played by actress Samantha Womack (also known as Samantha Janus)

Yes they are very good friends outside of working on EastEnders.

Her real name is Samantha Womack, her character's full name is Veronica "Ronnie" Mitchell.

yes she did, its the same actress and they are both played by Samantha Womack

she is leaving in April 2011 near Easter over baby swap storyline controversy she reported to have had enough of Eastenders.

No, Samantha Womack has planned on leaving since November 2010, long before the baby storyline started.

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When two super-inflated egos with similar interests meet . . .

Yes, she has 2 biological children: Benjamin - 9 Lili-Rose - 4 She also has a step-son, Michael Womack

Hola, soy Samantha. Or you could say: Hola, me llamo Samantha. That basically means "Hi, my name is Samantha" (literally, "Hi, I call myself Samantha").

An official fan e-mail address for Samantha Zoe Womack (nee Janus) is not known at this time. However you can send her fan mail at her official fan mailaddresswhich can be found in the related links section below.

If you want to reach Samantha Womack or Rita Simmons use this address below.Their name herec/o Eastenders Studio,BBC 1Elstree CentreClarendon RoadBorehamwoodHerts WD6 1JFUnited KingdomI'm sure they will reply but make sure to put another stamped envelope in the 1st envelope. On the envelope inside,write your own address.And then wait!

Bobby Womack is alive.

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