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The rider can wear tight fitting, slick clothes and assume a hunched down posture to cut down on wind resistance. The bike can use well lubricated moving parts and tires with low rolling resistance.

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Use higher quality bearings. Become more aerodynamic

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In every bearing in the bicycle.

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Q: How could you reduce frictional forces so that a bicycle move more effiently?
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What can reduce frictional forces?

Reducing surface roughness, applying lubricants, and using ball bearings can help reduce frictional forces between surfaces.

What 2 things can reduce frictional forces?

Lubricants such as oil or grease can reduce frictional forces by providing a slippery layer between moving surfaces. Polishing or smoothing the surfaces in contact can also reduce frictional forces by eliminating roughness that causes resistance.

How do you raise and lower frictional forces?

A rough surface like sandpaper will have more friction than a smooth surface. smoothing out a surface will reduce friction

Why does coating surfaces Sith oil reduce friction between the surfaces?

Coating surfaces with oil reduces friction by creating a lubricating layer between the surfaces. This layer of oil helps to separate the surfaces and prevent direct contact, which reduces the frictional forces that resist sliding motion. Additionally, the viscosity of the oil helps to absorb and dissipate energy generated by the frictional forces.

Why does amoving ball stops after sometime?

The ball stops moving due to various forces acting on it, such as friction, air resistance, and gravity. These forces gradually reduce the ball's kinetic energy until it comes to a stop.

What can be used to reduce the effect of friction?

Using lubricants such as oil or grease can help reduce the effect of friction by providing a slippery surface. Additionally, using materials with lower coefficients of friction, such as Teflon or nylon, can help minimize frictional forces. Proper maintenance and keeping surfaces clean can also help reduce friction.

What oil used in hydraulic bending machine?

to reduce frictional losses and increase lubrication

Why machine parts oil occasionally?

to reduce the energy loss due to frictional force.

How might the government reduce the amount of frictional unemployment?

aploy more people so they will not be uniployed

How do you increase and decrease frictional force?

To increase frictional force, you can increase the roughness of the surfaces in contact, increase the normal force pressing the surfaces together, or increase the coefficient of friction by using materials that interact with more resistance. To decrease frictional force, you can use lubricants to reduce surface interaction, decrease the normal force, or use smoother materials to reduce resistance.

What is role of ball bearing in bicycle?

To reduce friction between surfaces.

How do you change the frictional force between two solid surfaces?

You can change the frictional force between two solid surfaces by altering the roughness of the surfaces, increasing the normal force pressing the surfaces together, or using lubricants to reduce friction. Additionally, changing the sliding speed and contact area between the surfaces can also affect the frictional force.