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ok, to make a secoundary color all you have to do is combine 2 different primarys such as blue and yellow, which makes green, a secoundary color.

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Q: How could you use a primary color to produce secondary colors?
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If you mix 2 secondary colors will you produce a primary color?


Will mixing 2 secondary colors produce a primary color?


Why do primary colors change color?

primary colors make secondary colors you mix two primary colors to get a secondary color

What does equal amounts of the primary colors of light produce?

It produces a secondary color of light.

What are colors that are made by mixing a primary color and a secondary color?

Tertiary Colors are colors that are made by mixing primary and secondary.

How are secondary color related to primary colors?

Secondary colors are colors that are made from primary colors EX: Primary- red, blue =secondary- purple Primary- blue, yellow =secondary - green etc.

What two colors can you make purple with?

You cannot actually make a legit color with purple. Purple is a secondary color. Therefore, to colors were already mixed the get that produce purple.Red and blue are the two primary colors that created the secondary color purple.

What are the three primary color and the three secondary color?

The 3 primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. The 3 secondary colors can be created by mixing 2 of the primary colors. They are orange, green, and purple.

How do you call the color that are produced by mixing primary colors and secondary colors?

tertiary color

What color happens when 3 primary colors overlap?

The color brown occurs when the 3 primary colors overlap. Color theory teaches that mixing a primary color and its complementary secondary color will make brown. This works because the complementary secondary color contains the other two primary colors.

What colors do you mix to make a secondary color?

two primary colors

Is green a primary or secondary color?

the primary colors are red yellow and blue. secondary colors are colors that you get if you mix two of the primary colors. if you mix blue and yellow you will get green. It is secondary.