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Three pills of 200 mcg of misoprostol if taken all at once is 600 mcg. That dosage is high enough to cause the fetus to miscarry. Even one 200 mcg dose of misoprostol taken at 7 weeks gestation is likely to cause a miscarriage. It is a dangerous drug to take if you wish to stay pregnant!

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Q: How dangerous are three pills only of Misoprostol 200mcg on a fetus in its seventh week of gestation?
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If you have 200 mcg how may mg's are there?

200mcg equals 0.2mg

0.2mg equals how many mcg?

0.2 mg is 200mcg

How many mg in 200mcg?

200 mcg = 0.2 milligrams

Is 10mg stronger than 200mcg?

Yes, if you mean is 10mg more weight than 200mcg. 10mg is equal to 10,000mcg so by weight 10mg is 50 times heavier than 200mcg. The way you word your question is a bit confusing though. I am not totally sure what you mean by "stronger". I hope you really meant "more", in which case I answered your question.

What sizes does Ventolin come in?

Ventolin Inhaler is 100mcg/dose and there is Ventodisk Rotacaps 200mcg.

Is 0.2mg equivalent to 125MC?

0.2*1000= 200mcg sotherefore 0.2 is not equivalent to 125mcg

Does 200 mcg mean 2 mg?

No. 200mcg (micrograms) equals 0.2mg (milligrams).

What is the dosage for GHK-Cu with subcutaneous injections?

200mcg/ daily x 6 weeks

What does 200mcg translate to into milligrams?

There are 1000 micrograms in a milligram. Therefore 200 micrograms is 0.2 milligrams.

How many 200 mcg tablets will it take to equal 75 mg?

375 200mcg tablets are required to equal 75mg

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One hundred 200mcg tablets are needed to equal 20mg

What is the coversion of 200 mcg to mg?

mcg / 1,000 = mg200mcg = 200 / 1,000 = 0.2mg

Is cytotec pfizer 200mcg benefical in pregnancy?

I would not call Cytotec beneficial in pregnancy since in the right dose it's used for abortion.

How many micrograms are in 0.2 milligrams?

There are 1,000 micrograms (mcg) per milligram.So, 0.2mg = 0.2 x 1,000 = 200mcg

How many 800 mcg tablets equal 1 mg?

1.25 tablets 1000mcg = 1mg 1/4 of 800mcg tablet = 200mcg 800mcg + 200mcg = 1000mcg or 1mg

What can make you sleepy? can be purchased over-the-counter and is naturally produced by the body and is normally released by the body when the sun goes down (Aphotostimulic). Start out at 200mcg and plan on sleeping at least 8 hours, to see what type of effect is has on you.

How much selenium is in the human body?

the daily recommended dose is 200mcg, but most Americans consume 5 times that amount, so that would make it 1000mcg per day amount of Selenium in the human body = 1000 mcg per day amount of Selenium in the human body = 200 mcg per day

What is Fentanyl 25mcg per hour?

This refers to a Fentanyl Transdermal patch, which is commonly used for chronic pain patients like myself that need continuous long-term opiate therapy. It is regulated by body heat, and is extremely effective. There are several doses - 12.5, 25, 50, 75 and 100mcg patches, all of which can be used with one another to make specific dosages. For example, though my normal dose is 100mcg, I typically have to use 200mcg, so I'll use 2 100mcg patches.

how many pills does it take to kill you?

Levothyroxine drug is a narrow drug and that means it's dosage is very near the toxication dosage ...normally an adult would take between 100mcg and 125mcg it's unusal to to take 200mcg i guess it needs 3 pills to die...this is scientific but in my experence i tried to suicide with levothyroxine 100 in my college in 2 hours i ate 30 pills and nothing happend excpect it makes you high and awkwardly happy my girlfriend left me if you asked why ...but that's not important :p

What are the long term effects of using Duragesic patches?

Dependence and Tolerance are the most common, but that's true with many drugs that require long term maintenance doses. I've used them for 9 years now, and I've learned how to lower my dosages if I need to after I've had to increase them. My normal dose is 100 mcg, but I do occasionally need to increase it to 200mcg. Duragesic is well tolerated over time. Most of the time I forget I'm wearing them, and the effectiveness cannot be overstated. For long term chronic pain, there is no better drug.

What is the dosage for Fentanyl patches?

Patches come in 5 dosages: 12.5 mcg (micrograms) 25 mcg 50 mcg 75 mcg 100 mcg Patient dosages are prescribed as a single patch dose, or if needed, a combination of doses to get the desired result. For example, my primary dose is 100mcg, but I've had to increase to 150 and 200mcg as necessary over the years. I once met a lady who had a brother that was a former cancer patient (he's since passed away) that was using 6 100mcg patches.

Is Eczema linked to celiac disease?

With Celiac disease important vitamins and minerals are not absorbed. Important vit and minerals for eczema prevention and cure: Omega 3 fatts Gamma linolenic acid VIT B 50 COMPLEX Vit c MG SELENIUM ZINC DETOX (MILK THISTLE) DAILY B-50 COMPLEX VIT C 1000MG VIT E 400IU SEL 100-200MCG ZINC 15 MG MG 200MG FATTY ACIDS 400MG FLAXSEED 400MG BORAGE 400 MG FISH OIL 548 MG GLA (BORRAGE OIL) MILK THISTLE DETOX 175 MG PER CAPSULE DIGESTIVE ENZYME PROBIOTIC COMBINATION ==== Skin conditions do accompany Celiac Disease. I have Celiac disease and also suffer from flaking skin, which my doc says is part of Celiac Disease. I don't recall if it's Eczema or something else.

Can gabapentin help withdrawl from Fentanyl patch?

Not really - Neurontin ( Gabapentin) is primarily used as an augment to some opiates, though for most people with really severe chronic pain, it's just plain ineffective. It's not prescribed for withdrawal pain. The best way to avoid patch withdrawal is to add your new patch about an hour or so before the current one runs out. This gives the new one enough time to start ramping up the dose as the other one is running completely out. The other thing to do is use one of your breakthrough meds to help take the edge off if you've let your current patch run down too far. If you're looking at complete withdrawal, it's not easy, especially for long term users. After 9 years of 200mcg (2x100mcg patches) I was able to fully withdraw from them, but it took several months and 4 hard weeks of severe withdrawals (using breakthrough meds and other techniques I learned over the years) to get to the point where I could just take Percocet 10's. Aside from sedation (Flexeril was my friend) the other 2 types of meds that are really helpful when it starts getting rough are anti-anxiety and anti-nausea meds. The anti-anxiety meds is what helps take that "climbing the walls" feeling out of the withdrawals. Most doctors have no problem prescribing them for patients who are having withdrawal issues; all you need to do is ask and tell them why.

What does morphine do to the body after long-term use?

As a long term Schedule 2 opiate patient (Duragesic 200mcg, 100mg Demerol, Percocet 10/325's, MS Contin 30mg's, etc., over the past 10 years) I can tell you that over time as your body becomes dependent, you'll eventually feel pretty normal until the time your levels start getting low and you feel withdrawals. Like you, I considered a pump, but in my case it wasn't deemed a realistic option. I never liked the problems associated with it either.There aren't many studies concerning long term opiate use, in part because most high dose users tend to be terminally ill. I'm one of the anomalies, having had major spinal problems for many years. All opiates are morphine derivatives (except for synthetics), so it makes no difference which variation of the drug your taking - all of them do the same thing.The biggest problem I've had to contend with over the years is mood swings, but that's typical of most opiates. It's important that your family and friends are aware of this problem, since it can happen at any time. Prior to being disabled, I was a Karate instructor and learned much about mental control of pain, and how to increase pain tolerance. While this helps considerably, for those of us in constant pain, your mental barriers and chemical controls will not always work - remember that the pain is always there, and the morphine only alters your brain's perception. Eventually those barriers break down, and it comes out in the form of mood swings. My wife and daughter have learned over the years to just close my door and leave me alone, as they know it's the drugs and not really me. Many families fail to deal with this early on and as a result do not make it.Constipation and urination problems are another - they'll be with you as long as you're taking it in any form. My solution is chocolate pudding or ice cream. Lemonade will go through you as well.It's important to keep your kidneys and liver healthy as well to ensure your body is filtering it out of your system. Cranberry juice is great for that, or just a lot of water. Keep yourself hydrated.The longer you're dependent, the longer it will take to end your dependence if at some point you're able to down the road. The key is to drop your opiate level slowly over a period of weeks or months, using oral doses in smaller quantities to help deal with the withdrawals. At some point though, you'll need to deal with withdrawals in force, and it's not fun. Anti-anxiety and anti-nausea meds will help, as well as a sedative. I spent most of this past year lowering my levels from 200mcg fentanyl and my usual 4-6 Percocet 10/325's daily (for the past 9 years), and a total of about 4 weeks of withdrawals to get off of my patches. It takes the body about a month to recover, so if you can do it, make sure that you've got someone around who can help, and that your schedule is clear for the duration. Opiates alter the brain's perception of not only pain, but your own strength. If you're weak physically at the time, you'll be pretty weak as it leaves your system, but eventually you'll bounce back as your system recovers.In the end though, it comes down to quality of life, and I resigned myself long ago to the possibility I'd require opiates for the rest of my life. We're all on a journey toward death anyway - how we get there, and what we're able to do in that time is the important thing. If it takes opiates to do it, then so be it.

Does anyone have any experience with 25 mcg Fentanyl patches Side effects?

Side effects of using Fentanyl patches are pretty common. Mood swings (typical with most opiates), urination (you won't feel it until you're ready to bust), respiratory problems (if you're not tolerant to the drug - if it happens at all call your doctor immediately), euphoria for first time users (until you get used to it). 25mcg is a pretty low dose, but if you're not that tolerant, increased body heat can increase the dosage delivery to the bloodstream. In such cases it can lead to confusion - as a 200mcg patient myself, it's happened to me several times over the years. You literally feel like you're stuck in a loop you cannot get out of. If you ever feel this way, remove the patch immediately (you can put it back on - just don't let it get stuck to itself. See my answer on keeping patches applied). Opiates are Vasodilators, meaning they open the blood vessels wider. As long as your body heat is higher from exercise or moving around, the drug will continue to be delivered at a higher rate, and if you're not that tolerant it will affect you adversely. It is difficult to realize what is happening to you, harder still to do anything about it until your body heat returns to normal. You should alert family and friends about what to do if they find you in a confused state and it's apparent you're overheated. Tell them to get your patch off and get you cooled down. Fentanyl takes several hours before you'll feel any withdrawal symptoms at all, and you should be well recovered before then. If you have specific questions about side effects you can email me at my WA email listed on my Supervisor bio page. After nearly 10 years, there aren't many side effects I haven't experienced from it. Additionally, nausea can be a major problem. As a 300 mcg patient, I lost 40 lbs. in 3 months. Zofran helped, but Marinol worked best .