How dangerous is soccer?

"soccer", football as we know is a contact. but not as ruff as rugby or American football. players have been killed due to injuries on the field and badly injured, your only guard is for your shin bone, because the players should be civilised!!!

um yeah I do think soccer is a very dangerous sport people have beel killed playing it even kids under 12 can get hurt but don't let htis worry you because I encourage lots of people to try it out it is very fun for girls and guys of all ages and you never know where this sport could take you (collage scholarship, world cup, famous athleete)

soccer can be very dangerous. It definatly isn't as dangerous as rugbee but you can breack a bone, tear a ligament doing it. My sisters friend's shin bone totally popped out of her shin during a soccer game. Although there are cautions soccer is a very fun sport to play. I have played for 8 years and I still love it!

The worst injury i have ever seen in soccer was suffered by Liverpool FC player Djibril Cisse. Wot happened was he was sprinding down the right channel with the ball, closely persued by a defender, as he went to take his next touch the defenders momentum took him into Cisses leg, which was stuck because he had his toes pointed into the ground, the defenders shin drove into Cisses causing A EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL BREAK.

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If you think association football (soccer) is dangerous, then you shouldn't play any sport. It has it's moments of danger, but every sport does (except chess).