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Emperor Scorpions are harmless to humans unless you have an allergy to the venom as some people do with bees. The sting is said to be as painful as a wasps and they can deliver a quite strong pinch with their pedipalps (pinchers).

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Are black emperor scorpions deadly to humans?

yes because they are poisonous

What Are Babie Emperor Scorpions names?

Emperor Scorpions.

Do emperor scorpions hibernate?

Emperor scorpions do hibernate.They will move every once in a wile.

Can you keep emperor scorpions together?

You can keep emperor scorpions together, yes they do enjoy a bit of company, I currently am keeping two baby emperor scorpions at home.

Do female emperor scorpions get along?

Yes. Emperor scorpions do fine living in the same tank.

What continents are emperor scorpions found on?

Mostly Alot of emperor scorpions are found in Egypt, and Kansas.

Are all scorpions deadly?


Are black skinny tail scorpions deadly?

all scorpions are poisoness but most stings are very painful but not deadly

What eats emperor scorpions?

i hate scorpions so everything

Are orange scorpions deadly?


Do emperor scorpions live in the desert?

yes they do alot of scorpions are found there

Is emperor scorpions legal in Singapore?


How much do Emperor Scorpions cost?


Can emperor scorpions kill people?


What is the emperor scorpions habitat?

national geographics

What is the deferrence between the big and small scorpions and how deadly?

I believe that the bigger scorpions are larger and also the smaller ones tend to be less big. It is my understanding that scorpions are only deadly in fatal cases. Hope this helps. Alan

Are all scorpions deadly to humans?

No; of the 1000 or so species, only 25 are deadly to humans.

Where to find an emperor scorpions in pet stores?

Emperor Scorpions are the largest species of scorpions in the world and spend most of their time burrowing or hiding. One would find these in the section of a pet store with reptiles such as snakes.

What kind of scorpions could kill you?

Any Kind of Scorpions with a Deadly Stinger so basically every one of them

Are scorpions in southern California or Sacramento deadly?

Potentially, yes.

Are all Indian scorpions deadliest to human?

all scorpions are deadly cause they have the thing in their tail which is full of venom and poison

Where do emperor scorpions live?

Tropical forests in western Africa

How long do emperor scorpions live?

Around 5 years.

Are black emperor scorpions poisonous?

Yes but with weak poison.

Which arachnid is the strongest?

the scorpions or its big leader emperor scorpion

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