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when penis enters into vagina, it enters it real deep inside, not unless the vagina size is short then pain occurs and might able to stretch the size of vagina little bit more.


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Yes. A penis as short as two inches can adequately penetrate a womans vagina.

Yes, that's the reason guys SHOOT semen into the vagina!!

its ok I've done it and imaged it being a penis make sure you nails are short

I've never heard of a penis being too short to engage in sex so no matter how long it is, it's long enough. If your penis is long enough to penetrate the vagina, it is long enough to break the hymen.

Even a relatively short penis can penetrate a hymen.

It does not Matter as long as it is enjoyable for both partners. Communication helps. Ask her what she likes. Please don't assume you know all women are different .

Yes it is possible you got pregnant when his PENIS entered your VAGINA, even for a short time. A man does not need to enaculate to make a woman pregnant! Plus, woman need to clean themselves after sex.

The Female Giant Panda is very selective, but in most cases, The males penis is to short and the females vagina is too long

No they have the same size. The vagina stretches.

Dear Friends generally considering all over the world their are three types of vagina can can differ by length like 3 cm, 6 cm and 9 cm. generally 3 cm vagina belongs to short highted females and a normal 6 cm vagina belongs to a 5.7 to 5.8 feet tall girls and 9 cm vagina can belongs to a really fat girl where the lips of the vagina looks more srinking towards inside of the vagina. these 3 cm vagina girls more like to have sex from back side and also more interested to take penis in ass, and the 6 cm vagina girls more like to suck penis with a really hard on it, taking penis more hard on vagina. Thanks. There is on a vagina, meaning a single type. Vagina's and penises may all look different, but there are only one kind of each.

when do compilcations occur in a short story

Vagina -The vagina extends from the vaginal opening to the cervix to the opening to the uterus. The vagina serves as the receptacle for the penis during sexual intercourse, and as the birth canal through which the baby passes during labor. The average vaginal canal is three inches long, possibly four in women who have given birth. This may seem short in relation to the length of the penis, but during sexual arousal the cervix will lift upwards and the fornix may extend upwards into the body as long as necessary to receive the penis. After intercourse, the contraction of the vagina will allow the cervix to rest inside the fornix, which in its relaxed state is a bowl-shaped fitting perfect for the pooling of semen.

The short answer would be no, you're an idiot. The longer, better answer, would be no, you're an idiot because to get pregnant you must put your penis into her vagina. If you don't know this already, you shouldn't be having sex.

Length doesn't have anything to do with female pleasure; the vagina is only sensitive a little way in, so short penises can also stimulate it very well. In any case, the clitoris is the main source of female orgasm, not the vagina, which is why foreplay is important.

Your penis is very short if you have to ask this.

A man's urethra extends the length of the penis. Women do not have a penis.

The short answer is Yes. It is considerably more difficult, but possible none the less. Seaman naturally and instinctively "swim upstream" to locate the egg. Ejaculating outside the vagina yet still in the vicinity, can result in conception. A condom is still the best protection (short of abstinence). Highly Unlikely

It is highly unlikely you would get pregnant the day after your period unless you have a very short cycle and as far as I know sperm cannot get through boxers, even wet ones. Penetration usually has to occur for a girl to get pregnant.

Does her lips taste different? She may become more amorous and want sex more often than in the past. Conversely, she may always have a "headache" and not want to have sex with you. If her lover has a longer and thicker penis than you do, you may notice that her vagina is looser; particularily if she has had sex with him a short time ago and her vagina has not had enough time to return to its normal state. If the lover's penis is the same size as your penis, or smaller, then this won't help you. Also, she may want to try different positions than before.

There's nothing wrong with a short penis, some are short, some are long. The average length is 5 inches.

The way most animals do, by reproduction involving a penis and a vagina. The male rabbit usually jumps on top of the female to be able to reach. They have a short gestation period too so they can have lots of babies quickly.

There can be, and often is for a short time afterward.

Not usually, mostly at the base if the penis and in the pubic area. Sometimes small, short fine hairs grow on the underside of the penis. Nothing on top of the penis though.

Some people have the previelege of having a long or thick penis while others don't

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