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Since pool water Plumbing typically does not connect directly your home water system, the installation typically does not have to meet all state and local building codes. However, it is commonly considered a "best practice" to meet the building codes in the most reasonable manner.

That being said, PVC pool plumbing is typically installed in a fashion similar to that of an underground sprinkler system for a lawn with the pipes buried 6"-12" below grade.


In regards to "which" pipes to bury, I would suggest that the more pipes that are buried, the less chance of accidental damage and the more professional looking the installation.

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building codes differ so check yours....and yes the codes apply to pools.....water pipe...8" to 12" inches below bond beam......high volt elect in conduit...18" ....gas line to heater....24"

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Q: How deep should pool pipes be installed?
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Should you insulate swimming pool pipes underground?

I see no reason why you would insulate them. When you close your pool for winter you will purge (empty) your pump and pipes. The water in the pool would freeze long before the water will in the pipes under ground.

Does a spa in the deep end of a gunite pool weaken the overall structure?

The spa can go anywhere if it is installed properly.

Can a 5 foot deep flat bottom fiberglass pool be installed above ground with decking and skirting around it or can it be installed 2 feet deep and 3 feet above ground with decking and skirting?

no,cause it will break

How do you drain pool pipes?

Bring the level of the pool below the static skimmer level then find the lowest point in your pool pipes and let the water out.

How much earth do you put in your pool 18 round 5 ft deep?

You should not put any Earth in your 18 foot round 5 foot deep pool. You should only put water and cleaners in the pool.

What damage can a hard freeze do to an inground pool?

It can crack the pool and any pipes that has water in them that freeze. a way of protecting the pool is to float drums in a line along the middle of the pool there by leaving an unfrozen track along the middle into which the ice can expand. You should definitely empty the filter and exposed water pipes.

When closing the pool how low should you lower the water?

When closing a pool, you should lower the water enough so that it is clear of all pipes and fittings. You should also be able to clean and clear your skimmer.

Should you drain your pool when it is about to overflow?

I have a in ground pool. I fight a mold that is white and thick in the pipes. Sometimes it is slimy. My water tests are just around nomal.

How close should solar heater be from pool?

Ideally within 15 feet to minimize heat lose from the pipes.

What about the pool anitfreeze which was put in the pipes when closing the pool Does this fileter into the pool water when opening the pool?

You should remove the antifreeze with a shop vac if possible, antifreeze will not hurt the water, but is just one more thing in the water that you do not need to be there.

How shallow a pool can you jump into?

If you want to jump and/or dive into a swimming pool, the water level should be atleast 5 feet deep!

Should a new liner be installed over an old one in an above ground pool?

no, replace liner

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