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Demons were formed by YOUR MOM.

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Daemóin: (in mythology, demons)Deamhain: demonsÁibhirseorí: adversaries, the devils

Lesser Demons, Greater Demons and Quest Demons.

........ their were no angels or demons in the novel angels and demons, logically leading to their were no fights between angels and demons.

Lesser demons don't, greater demons do

There are thousands of movies with demons a few are the obvious Demons,Demons 2,Night of the Demons which has just ben remade any exorcism movies will have demons in them as possesion is a demon trick.

No they are not demons!____________________________________________________________lol -they are not demons!- though some of them look like it. . .

Demons were once people. If the people were scum, then the demons are too.

No you idiot. Trolls are trolls. Demons are demons. The clue's in the name, baby.

Nothing "makes" a Demon: They are malevolent spirits that, according to Christianity, have existed since the fall of the angels from heaven. While some other religions do have malevolent spirits, which could be loosely called demons, how they are formed depends entirely on the mythology.

No. They are not demons. However, they are monsters.

demons are demons. They are concrete yet spiritual beings. They do not represent anything else.

In my opinion,Angels are attracted to Demons, however, good angels do not like Demons. Angels are sent to contribute. Demons are corrupt.

Not by blood but by demons. All 9 demons are known to be related because they are demons. here is the list of all the demons.

its the demons eyes. holy water

A group of demons is a legion.

Secular answerDemons are a part of almost every religion in the world. It seems that religion needs demons as much as demons need religion.Atheism repels demons. When you no longer believe in religion, demons no longer exist.If you believe in demons, there are many types of advice on how to repel them. Salt is said to be able to repel demons because it is pure.Religious answerTo start with, the following are anathema to demons:confidence, happiness, cleanliness and order, ritual purity, and godliness.

What are the demons names?

Demons to Diamonds was created in 1982.

Demons to Diamonds happened in 1982.

There are No Demons in Pandora's Box.

The ISBN of Demons of Chitrakut is 1841491780.

The ISBN of Space Demons is 9781862912878.

Angels and Demons was published in May 2000.

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