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A change in volume with a constant, unchanging Pressure and Temperature results in increased or decreased density, inversely dependent on increase or decrease in volume.

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Q: How deos this change in volume affect the density of solids liquids and gasses?
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How can temperature affect density in a liquid when temperature is decreasing?

Typically, a lower temperature denotes higher density, but many LIQUIDS are uncompressible (water actually expands slightly as it freezes) and therefore density in maintained. FLUIDS on the other hand encompass both liquids and gasses, of which gasses ARE compressible and will increase in density as temperature drops.

What happens when states of matter change?

The atoms either move faster causing solid to become liquids and liquids into gasses, or slow down causing gasses to become liquids and liquids into solids.

What is the state of matter which weight doesnt change while its shapes can?

Liquids and gases can change shape without any change in weight.

What are solids gasses and liquids made up of?

Answer: solids, liquids and gasses are made of atoms.

Can solids liquds and gases change there shape?

Liquids yes, gasses yes, solids no

How are gasses and liquids similar in shape and volume?

ANSWER unlike solids, both liquids and gases can change their shape to fit the container in which they are held. however, gases can also change volume unlike liquids.

Does sound travel faster through a solid liquid gas?

The higher the density, the faster the sound. Solids, then liquids, then gasses.

Is molecule movement greater in liquids or gases?

molecules move more in gasses gasses>liquids>solids

Does neptune have a solid surface or is it made from liquids and gasses?


Why cant liquid change volume but gasses can?

The intermolecular strength is higher in liquids than in gases.

What happens to the density of an object when it is stretched?

it becomes thinner. mass can't be created or destroyed, it only encompasses solids , liquids, and gasses.

Are gasses and liquids fluids?


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