How did Abraham Lincoln die?

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Abraham Lincoln was the first president to die of assassination. He was shot in the back of his head by John Wilkes Booth, a well-known actor and Confederate spy from Maryland. Lincoln was assassinated at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C. where he and his wife were attending the play Our American Cousin on April 14, 1865, which was Good Friday. Lincoln was shot once, at point blank range, at approximately 10:15 PM.

Once he was shot, he was carried from the theatre to a boarding house across the street from the theatre. He remained in a comatose state for more than 8 hours. Many doctors offered to help, and some examined the President, but there was ultimately nothing to be done, as the bullet was lodged deep in the President's brain. He died at approximately 7:22 AM the following morning, April 15, 1865.
He was shot in a theatre by an assasin
Lincoln was assassinated. (Murdered)
He was shot in the back of the head, almost at point-blank range, by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theatre in Washington DC.

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in Ford's Theater, Booth was a somewhat famous actor and shot Lincoln while he was watching the play.
John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln at point blank range on the 14th April, 1865. Lincoln was watching a play at Ford's Theatre at the time. Lincoln died early the next morning.
he got assassanated by a gun!!! duh everyone knows that lol
Shot in the back of the head at close range with a small caliber handgun.

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Q: How did Abraham Lincoln die?
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