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Abraham Lincoln was the president when he died.

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at fords theater watching a play

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Q: Where was president Lincoln when he died?
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How old was president lencon when he died?

president Lincoln was 56 when he had died and you spelt Lincoln incorrect please check your spelling

Where did president Lincoln died?

Abraham Lincoln died in Washington D.C on 15 April 1865

Was Abraham Lincoln still president when he died?

He was.

Why did Andrew Johnson become president after Lincoln died?

Johnson was the vice president when Lincoln died and so succeeded to the presidency in accordance with the US Constitution.

How did Abraham Lincoln children die?

President Abraham Lincoln had multiple children who died. Willie died of a fever and Thomas died of a heart failure.

When was president Lincoln assanated?

President Abraham Lincoln was shot on April 14, 1865. He died the following day.

How long did Lincoln live after being president?

President Lincoln died only a few hours after being shot.

Who did the assassination of Abraham Lincoln bring to presidency?

Vice-President Andrew Johnson became President when Lincoln died.

Which of Lincoln's sons died while Lincoln was president?

One of the presidents sons, Willie died at age 11

Where Are descendants of Abraham Lincoln?

The Lincoln family line died with President Lincoln's great, great grandaughter.

Did President Lincoln die in the bed where his assassin had previously slept?

president Lincoln's death bed is in Washington.

Age of President Lincoln at death?

56. President Lincoln was born February 12, 1809, and died April 15, 1865.