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America caused the war to end sooner and in favor of the Allied Forces.

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Q: How did America affect the end of World War 1?
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When did the ragtime craze in America end?

World war 1

How did the end of World War 2 affect consumerism in America?

Consumerism increased because people wanted to spend the money they had saved

Why did D-day affect World War 2?

It marked the end of the war!

How did the end of World War 1 affect germany?


How did the end of world war 1 affect farmers?

no land

What year did America enter World War and in what year did World War end?

in 1914 and it ended in 1918

When did world war 2 end in America?

April 19 2010

How long did America have enemies in World War 2?

From the beginning to the end.

What was America's role in World War 1?

America's role in World War 1 was that of a peace maker. America maintained a bystander attitude for a large part of the war and only entered to end it and instigate the peace process.

Why was America fortune at the end of World War 2?

Because they won the war and stopped the Holocaust.

When did world war 2 end for america?

Ended on October 16, 1946

What did the US do to japan at the end of World War II?

America is a crappy country.

How did the end of world war 1 affect labor unions?

The end of WW1 had a negative affect on labor unions. When the war ended government and military offices canceled contracts which cost people their job.

How did the end of world war you affect woman in the workplace?

It ended economic opportunities for women.

What were the causes results of American entry into World War 1?

One of the cause of America entry into World War One was the announcement by Germany that there was unrestricted submarine warfare. The effect of America's entry is that it sped the end of the war.

Who was the soldier at the end of World War 1- The War To End All Wars?

There were many soldiers at the end of the World War 1 during the end of the world war.

How did the war in Germany end during World War 2?

World War 2 in the European Theater ended after the occupation of Germany by the allies (Britain and America) and Russia.

How did the end of World War I affect Pope John Paul II?

World War I ended in 1918 before John Paul II was born.

What was happening when God Bless America was written?

It was written near the end of World War I.

What significant population shifts occurred during World War 2?

World War 2 brought about a lot of migration to and from war town areas. The end of the war brought a baby boom to America from returning soldiers and citizens celebrating the end of the war.

When did world WAR 2 start and end for America?

world war two started on December 8th 1941 and ended on October 16, 1946

How did the end of war affect women in the workplace?

During World War II many women entered the workforce. The end of World War II affected women in the workplace as many of them returned home instead of staying in the workplace.

Why did the World War I end on 1918?

The world war 1 did actually end. On the world war 2 the war ended.

How many soldiers served in World War 2?

america had 13 million men in the war by the end of 1943

Will the volcano in America end the world?

No it will not end the world.