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It was written near the end of World War I.

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Q: What was happening when God Bless America was written?
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Related questions

When was the song 'God Bless America' written?

"God Bless America" was written by Irving Berlin in 1918 and revised by him in 1938.

What day was god bless America written?

God Bless America was originally written by Irving Berlin in 1928 & revised in 1938

God bless America facts?

God Bless America' is an American patriotic song. The song was written in the year of 1918 by composer, Irving Berlin.

Who wrote God Bless America the song?

God Bless America was written by Irving Berlin in 1918 and then revised by him in 1938, by some it is considered the unofficial national anthem of the US.

Are Mexicans also blessed in 'God Bless America'?

God Bless America is referring to the United States of America in specific. If you'd like to bless the Mexicans, say God Bless Mexico :)

Who wrote God Bless America and when?

It was written by Irving Berlin in 1918, when he was in the Army.

When was God Bless America Again created?

God Bless America Again was created in 1972.

When was God Bless America - album - created?

God Bless America - album - was created in 2001.

Whose singing made the song bless God Bless America famous?

Kate Smith made the song bless God Bless America famous with her singing.

Where was 'God Bless America' Written?

Yaphank, NY, while Irving Berlin was in the Army there.

Who wrote god bless America and in what year?

It was written by Irving Berlin in 1918, when he was in the Army.

When was God Bless Miss Black America created?

God Bless Miss Black America was created in 2003.

When was God Bless America - film - created?

God Bless America - film - was created on 2011-09-11.

Are the words God Bless America in the public domain?

That particular phrase, yes. The lyrics to the song "God Bless America," no.

What 1918 musical was god bless America written for?

Yip Yip Yaphank by Irving Berlin.

Do the Boy Scouts of America still receive royalties from God Bless America song use?

Yes, through the God Bless America Foundation.

Was God Bless America originally written at Fort Meade South Dakota?

No; it was written at Camp Upton, in Yaphank, NY.

What war was God Bless America Written for?

It was written in 1918 for World War I, and revised in 1938 for World War II.

Who owns the copyright to God Bless America?

The Song God Bless America was written by Irving Berlin and was "shelved" for 20 years. Kate Jackson asked Berlin for a song to sing and he gave it to her with the understanding he did not want money for the song. God helped him write it. He asked that the proceeds of the song go to the Boy Scouts of America.

When was 'God Bless America Again' written?

It was first written and recorded in 1969, and covered by Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn in 1976.

Can someone escort a person out of a stadium for refusing to stand during the God Bless America song?

No; "God Bless America" has no official standing.

What is the US of America motto?

God Bless America

Is there an English Translation for Shang Di Bao You Ni?

May God Bless You or May God Protect You. Here in America, we normally shorten it to God bless you, or simply "God Bless".

Significance of through the night with a light from above in God Bless America?

Lyrics to God Bless America are asking God to watch over/protect America at all times (even thru the night).

Why do people laugh when they say god bless America?

well people laugh because they don't now that god bless America and hes the pawerful god all mighty