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The American politics helped the Americans establish an important military presence in Asia. This gave the Korean military power compared to the other Asian countries.

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How did the Korean war affect domestic US politics?

It didn't.

How do you explain the outcome of the Korean war?

distain by the american people and politics

How did the Korean War affect American Domestic and International policy?

The Korean War was a PHYSICAL CONFRONTATION against communist aggression. The world now knew that US policy can get physical.

What was the average age of an American soldier in the Korean War?

See Korean War Facts or Korean War Educator

How did the Korean War affect the sovereignty of Canada?

The Korean War had no effect on Canada's sovereignty.

What were the Poloticts in the Korean War?

The politics of the Korean War would be that it would be fought as a LIMITED WAR using only conventional weapons. NO ATOMIC WEAPONS.

How did the Korean war affect Teenagers?

Many volunteered for the US military and served in the Korean War.

Did the American public think the Korean War was worth fighting?

did the american public think that the korean war was woth fighting?

How did the Korean war affect citizens who lived in the Koreas How did the war affect citizens in the U.S.?

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Where can you find a list of the American soldiers who died in the Korean War?

Start with the Korean War website.

Who was the general of the us in the Korean war?

The American general during the korean war was Douglas Mcarthur.

How many American deaths from Korean war?

over 33,000 deaths during the Korean war.

How did communism affect the Korean war?

It affected the Korean War because communism was one of the causes.

How did the Korean War affect New Zealand?

New Zealand sent approximately 1,300 men to the Korean War.

How many American troops fought in the Korean War?

In total about 480,000 Americans served in the Korean War.

How did the Korean war affect African Americans?

The Korean War was the FIRST war in US History in which they were "Officially Integrated" into the US military forces.

How did the Korean War affect people?

go to great site on what happened during the Korean war

How did the civil war affect the politics?

by lickin buttholes

Did the Korean War affect US wartime policy in Vietnam?

The Korean War directly resulted in the US NOT INVADING North Vietnam.

How did the Korean War affect the rest of the world?

* chicken grits

How did the communism affect the Korean War?

Communism was one of their causes.

How did Korean war affect the relationship between Korea and us?

The Korean war did affect the relationship between Korea and the United States as it resulted in the improvements in the racial relations within the US.

What is the timline of Korean War?

The American involvement of the Korean War was 22 June 1950 through 27 July 1953.

How did the USSR affect the outcome of the Korean War?

Joseph Stalin supported the North Korean attack in South Korea. Without his support there would have been no Korean War, as we know it today. The Korean War was a US-Soviet War fought by proxy. When Stalin died in 1953, the Korean War ended (1953).

What has the author Bailey Gillespie written?

Bailey Gillespie has written: 'Korean War remembered' -- subject(s): American Personal narratives, Korean War, 1950-1953, North Korean Prisoners and prisons, Personal narratives, American, Prisoners and prisons, North Korean, Prisoners of war, Veterans