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she die of barrtie aisd in the skin

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Q: How did Anna frank die?
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Did Anna Frank marry?

Anna frank did not marry b/c she died a a consintration camp at 15

Anna Frank How is power represented in Diaryy of a young girl?

Anna Frank How is power represented in Diaryy of a young girl?

How long did Anna frank live in the attic?

It's ANNE Frank! Not Ann or Anna, OK, so to the answer, 2 years. :)

Is Anna Frank alive today?

no she is not

Is Anna frank dead?


Who die first Anna frank mother or sister?

Anna Frank's mother died first, as a result of malnutrition, starvation, and harsh, slave-like work and poor hygiene conditions.

What did Anne Frank and her friends do for fun?

anna frank used to play school.

What did Anna frank see in her garden?

a tree

What schools did Anna Frank go to?

Montessori school

Who did Anna Frank hide with?

her mom and dad and sister

When is Anna frank was born?

12 June 1929

When and where did Anna Pavlova die?

what did Anna pavlova Die from Anna Pavlova died on January 23,1931 from double pnuemonia.

When was Anna frank born and where?

June 12, 1929 in Holland

Who Hid Anna Frank and her family?

Miep, a family friend.

What city did Anna frank write her dairy in?

Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

What did Anne Frank for living?

Anna Frank died when she was young therefore she did not do anythingn for a living if that is what you meant to ask. So Anne Frank did not have an occupation

Did Frank iero's mom die?

No, Frank Iero's mom did not die.

Whendid Anne Frank die?

when did anne frank die and what year

Does Anna die in your sisters keeper?

unlike the movie Anna does kate her kidney )-:

Who survived the Holocaust from the Anne Frank Holocaust?

Mr. Otto Frank (nicknamed "PIM"), Anna Frank's father

When did Anna Fรกrovรก die?

Anna Fárová died in 2010.

When did Anna Sterky die?

Anna Sterky died in 1939.

When did Anna of Glogau die?

Anna of Glogau died in 1271.

When did Anna Porphyrogenita die?

Anna Porphyrogenita died in 1011.

When did Anna Shabanova die?

Anna Shabanova died in 1932.