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How did Anne Frank get her diary?


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It was a birthday present from her parents before they all went into hiding.


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Anne Frank wrote The Diary of Anne Frank.

The resolution of the Diary of Anne Frank is when Mr. Frank later publishes her diary.

Anne Frank called her diary "Kitty".

Anne Frank received her diary from her father, Otto.

Diary of Anne Frank is an autobiography.

Anne frank did not finish her diary, she died when she was near the end of her diary

The diary of a young girl, but better known title is Anne Frank diary.

Mr frank gave Anne frank a diary in which she named kitty

Kitty Frank is not a person. 'Kitty' is what Anne calls her diary.

Anne Frank hand wrote her diary entries.

The main characters in diary of Anne Frank are Anne Frank, His father, Her mom, and his best friend

Anne Frank was aged 14 when she wrote her diary.

Anne Frank got her diary on her thirteenth birthday.

Anne Frank received her diary from her parents as a birthday present.

write the diary that we know now as the diary of anne frank

Anne Frank got her diary for her 13th birthday.

Well, the Diary of Anne Frank is also a play but her diary was discovered by her father.

It is in the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam protected by the Anne Frank Foundation.

Anne Frank received a diary in 1942 for her 13th birthday ...

Her name was Edith in the diary of anne frank.

You Can Read Her Diary Called Anne Frank The Diary Of A Young Girl. And That should help :)

Yes, in fact, you can even buy her diary. It's called, 'The diary of Anne Frank'.

The Diary of Anne Frank. It's a book you can get at any library.

what was the complication in the story anne frank

it was a cartoon character that urged anne frank to call her diary kitty

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