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Anne frank did not survive the Holocaust she died from died of typhus in March 1945

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Q: How did Anne Frank survive the war?
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How did Anne Frank and her family survive the war?

Anne Frank and her family didn't survive the war. They all died, except for Otto Frank, who eventually died in 1980.

Did anyone else survive the war in Anne Frank's family?

No, only her father (Otto Frank) survive the war.

What war did Anne Frank live?

Anne Frank was alive during World War 2 but, she sadly didn't survive it.

Who was Anne Frank Mr Frank?

Anne Frank's father was Otto Frank, the only {immediete) member of the Frank family to survive the war.

Did Any of the Frank family survive the war?

yes, Anne frank's father survived the war!

Who were the people that survived the war that once stayed with Anne Frank in the attic?

Otto Frank [Anne's dad] was the only one out of 8 to survive the war.

When and where was Anne Frank27s diary first published?

Anne Franks diary was published by her dad, Otto Frank after the war. Otto Frank was the only frank member to survive the war.

Did Anne Frank ever reunite with her family?

Anne Frank never reunited with her family after the war because she didn't survive. Otto Frank, her father, was the only one who lived to see the end of the war.

Why Did Anne Frank believe she would not survive the war?

because she is a very brave girl

How did Anne Frank's dad survive the war?

he escaped because the Russian allies freed them.

Did Anne Frank survive in the war?

She survived for two years. Only her father lived.

Who died with Anne Frank?

Her mother, Edith Frank, and sister, Margot Frank, died before Anne. Her father, Otto Frank, was the only family member to survive the Second World War.

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