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Annie Henderson, also known as Momma, was Maya Angelou's grandmother and a significant influence in her life. Momma provided Maya with a stable and loving home environment, teaching her values of resilience, strength, moral integrity, and self-respect. Momma's teachings and example had a lasting impact on Maya's personal development and influenced her writing and activism.

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Q: How did Annie Henderson influence Maya Angelou?
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Who raised Maya Angelou and her brother Bailey?

Maya Angelou and her brother Bailey were raised by their paternal grandmother, Annie Henderson, after their parents' marriage ended. She played a significant role in their upbringing and had a major influence on Maya Angelou's life.

Maya Angelou's middle name?

Maya Angelou's middle name is Angelou.

Who is Maya Angelou's mom?

Maya Angelou's mother was Vivian Baxter Johnson. She was a nurse and a businesswoman. Maya Angelou had a complex and sometimes strained relationship with her mother.

What quality does Maya Angelou most admire about Annie Jhonson?

Maya Angelou admires Annie Johnson's resilience and strength in facing adversity with grace and determination.

What Maya angelou full name?

Her name is Maya Johnson Angelou

What quality does Maya Angelou most admire about Annie Johnson?

Maya Angelou admired Annie Johnson's strength and resilience. She was inspired by her ability to overcome hardships and provide for her family with grace and determination.

Is Maya Angelou real name Marguerite Annie Johnson?

Yes. Her birth name was Marguerite Johnson. She changed it to Maya because her brother Bailey called her My, which was later transformed to Maya and then her family eventually called her Maya Angelou.

What is Maya Angelou little girl name?

Maya Angelous real name as a kid was Marguerite Annie Johnson.

What was positive influence in Maya Angelou life and how?

The fact that she hepled out!

Is Maya Angelou tall?

American author, Maya Angelou, passed away on May 28, 2014 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Angelou was 6 feet tall. Her birth name was Marguerite Annie Johnson.

Has Maya Angelou ever been on Oprah?

Yes, Maya Angelou appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show multiple times. They had a close friendship, and Oprah has often spoken about the impact Angelou had on her life.

How does 'Still I Rise' influence Maya Angelou's lifestyle?

Whoa are you in Rosen's class?