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She told her kits that they were playing a game.

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Q: How did BlueStar get her kits to follow her to RiverClan territory?
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Will Bluestar have Tigerclaw's kits?

NO WAY!!! She had Oakheart of RiverClan's kits.

Does bluestar know her kits?

She knew who her kits were (Mistyfoot and Stonefur) but didn't actually know them personally because they lived in RiverClan.

Who is Oakheart?

A RiverClan warrior who was the deputy and father to Bluestar's kits: Mosskit(deceased) Mistystar and Stonefur(deceased)

Does bluestar have kittens?

Yes, yes she does, if you're talking about the Warriors Bluestar. Her kits are: Mosskit(now in StarClan), Stonefur (Starclan), and Mistystar (Riverclan Leader).

How many kits did bluestar had?

three, one died and the other two were given to oakheart, her mate, and the two kits were trained as riverclan warriors

In what chapter of Bluestar's Prophecy does Bluestar have her kits?

Chapter 40

Who are Bluestar's kits?

Bluestar's kits are Stonefur, Mistyfoot and Mosskit.Bluestar's kits are Mistyfoot, Stonefur, and Mosskit. (Stonefur and Mosskit are dead as of Sunrise)

Who are moonflower's kits?

Moonflower's kits are Bluestar and Snowfur.

What happened to Bluestar's kits?

Oakheart picks them up at RiverClan and raises them to be Stonefur and Mistyfoot.But one of their littermates, the runt, Mosskit, dies on the way because he is weak and Bluestar's sister, Snowfur, in StarClan takes care of Mosskit.Mistyfoot and Stonefur went to RiverClan with their father, Oakheart and adopted mother, Graypool while Mosskit died, Sad! ~Tinystar~

Who is graystripe in warriors?

graystripe was a warrior in thunderclan he trained with firepaw aka. fireheart and firestar. he had kits and the kits mother was silverstream who lived in riverclan. silverstream died while giving birth. Riverclan wanted the kits so he went with the kits to riverclan. he moved back later.

What happened to Firestar in 'Forest of Secrets'?

First, Silverstream has Graystripe's kits, but dies. Graystripe moves with them to RiverClan. Then, I forgot. But, Tigerclaw leads an attack with rouges and attempts to kill Bluestar. He becomes ShadowClan's leader. Leave a message on my message board -Hawkfur Also, Firestar finds out what happened when Redtail and Oakfur died and finds out that Bluestar had three kits; Mistykit(Became Mistyfoot and was raised in Riverclan wit her brother, Stonefur) Stonekit(Became Stonefur and was raised in Riverclan with his sister, Mistyfoot) and Mosskit(When Bluestar was taking the three to Riverclan, he died of cold) And...!!!! Fireheart becomes deputy!!! He also gets his second apprentice, Cloudpaw. Cloudpaw is his nephew while his sister is a kittypet Welcome!!!! Roseheart

Is Mistyfoot Bluestar's daughter?

Yes, she and Stonefur are the kits of Bluestar and Oakheart. Yes! ~Tinystar~

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