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How did California change after the gold rush?

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More people came to CA from different places changing there population and more people settled there.

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How did the California gold rush change California?

The Gold Rush made California a better and populated state just because of the Gold Rush.

What was California gol rush?

its a California Gold Rush its a California Gold Rush its a California Gold Rush its a California Gold Rush

How did population change in California because of the gold rush?

It increase

How did The Gold Rush change the west?

The gold rush helped to change the face of the west by populating it with settlers from the east and immigrants from other continents who traveled to California to mine for gold.

What the famous gold rush?

California gold rush

Why did the gold rush change California so significantly?

The gold rush changed California significantly because of the discovery of gold. This discovery brought thousands of people into this area that were looking for a better life.

The California Gold Rush begins?

The California Gold Rush began a population boom.

Why did many rush to California in 1849?

The California Gold rush

How did California Gold Rush affects the nation?

By the gold rush!

Was the California gold rush the biggest gold rush?


Was the gold rush a problem?

The California gold rush was not a problem.

What are some questions about the California gold rush?

Which immigrants created the biggest influx of population to California at the time? What was a result of the California gold rush? Why was discrimination created against the immigrants during the gold rush? At what time period was the California gold rush during? What Acts were enacted against immigrants during the California gold rush?

How did the products that consumers in California wanted change during the gold rush?


How many people were at the California Gold Rush?

300,000 people migrated to California for the gold rush.

What country was the California gold rush in?

The California Gold Rush took place in the United States.

Is California the gold rush state?

Yes, California is often called the gold rush state.

How did the gold rush change California?

it improved California by improving the numbers of people and allowing people to find out a lot about California.

Did the gold rush happen after or before California became a state?

Social Studies Gold Rush: The California Gold Rush came before California became the thirty-first state.

Where was the first gold rush located?

the gold rush was created in California

What was discovered in 1949?

the gold rush It was the California gold rush in 1949

When did the California gold rush begin?

1849.The California Gold Rush began on January 24, 1848

When did the California gold rush start?

The California Gold Rush started in 1848 and ended in 1852.1848

What are some environmental problems in the California gold rush?

An environmental problem with the California gold rush is the contamination

Who did the California gold rush involve?

The California Gold Rush attracted prospectors from all over the world.

What was the biggest gold rush in history?

The largest gold rush in history was the California Gold Rush of 1848 to 1855.

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