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how did Canada change after world war two?

it created things for others obviously

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Q: How did Canada change after World War 2?
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World War 2 Canada Netherlands?

The Netherlands had nothing to do with Canada that related them with world war I

Why did Canada fight ni World War 2?

Canada fought many battles in world war.

What World War 2 battle affected Canada most?

The World War 2 battle that affected Canada the most was the Battle of the Atlantic. This battle was the largest commitments that Canada was in.

What did Canada have to do with World War 2?

They were are allies

Did Canada have the draft in world war 2?


When did Canada declare war in World War 2?

Canada declared war on Germany on September 10, 1939.

How did the atom bomb change World War 2?

It ended World War 2.

When did Canada get invaded?

Canada was not invaded in either World War 1 or 2.

Who did canada help during world war 2?

Canada was one of the Allies.

How did World War 1 and World War 2 change the world?


What has greater inpact on canada ww1 or World War 2?

The greatest impact on Canada was as a result of World War II due to Canada's extensive effort in this war as opposed to World War I.

Did Hitler invade Canada in World War 2?


When did Britain invade Canada?

in world war 2

Who repaid the us for World War 2?


When did World War 2 start in Canada?


Canada in World War 2?

Canada committed an entire battalion to the Allied powers during World War 2, and were some of the first soldiers to fight in Europe.

Was russia and Canada allies in world war 2?

Canada was ruled or owned by the UK. So yes they were allied with the USSR during part of World War 2.

How many soldiers did Canada use in world war 2?


How many soldiers from Canada served in World War 2?


Should Canada have gone to World War 2 and why?

Yes. Canada should have gone to world war two because if they did not Britain would lose trust in Canada and Canada needs Britain

How were the Jews treated by Canada in World War 2?

Canada turned away the Jews.

Was Canada an ally with France in World War 2?

Yes, Canada was a Brittish Commonwealth .

Did Germany invade Canada in world war 2?

Germany did not invade Canada, ever.

Where did Canada fight during World War 2?

If the cause is right, canada will fight

How many Canadian Tanks were used during World War 2?

Canada only had 4,601 tanks in World War 2.