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How did Catherine of Aragon die?

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By cancer, although at the time poison was suspected because of her blackened heart, but at the time they did not understand the effects of cancer.

Some people say it was from Breast cancer, but no one knows the truth.

Kathryn died due to lung cancer. Although some people think it was breast cancer.

On January 7, 1536, Catherine of Aragon died at Kimbolton Castle and was buried at Peterborough Abbey (later Peterborough Cathedral, after the dissolution of the monasteries) with the ceremony due for her position as Princess Dowager, not as a Queen of England.

She died of natural causes, probably of cancer.

Queen Catherine of Aragon (Henry VIII first wife) was sent to live in isolation when Henry married Anne Boleyn. Some historians believe she was poisoned slowly, while others think she simply died of depression.

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What happened to Catherine of Aragon after the divorce?

Catherine of Aragon was sent to kimbolton castle to die there.

Where did Catherine of aragon die?

Catherine of Aragon died at Kimbolton Castle near Huntington in 1536.

When did Catherine of Aragon die?

Catherine of Aragon died on January 7, 1536 at the age of 50.

Catherine of aragon die?

Yes she did.

When did Catherine of Aragon die and at what age?

Catherine of Aragon died in 1536. She was 50 years old. Catherine of Aragon became Queen of England when she was 23 years old and served from 1509 to 1533.

Why was Catherine of Aragon called Catherine of Aragon?

Catherine of Aragon was called that because of her father. Her father was King Ferdinand of Aragon.

How did Catherine aragon die?

Catherine Aragon died from having cancer. At the time, it was thought that she had been poisoned by someone in the castle she lived in.

What country was Catherine of aragon from?

Catherine of Aragon was from Spain

Who was King Henry VIII's first wife?

Catherine of Aragon. Catherine of Aragon Henry VIII's first wife was Catherine of Aragon.

Where did Catherine of aragon spent her childhood?

where did catherine of aragon spent her childhood

What happend to Catherine of aragon in the end?

in the end Catherine of aragon had a divorce.

When was Catherine of Aragon banished?

Catherine of Aragon was banished from court in 1531

What is Saint Catherine of Aragon the patron saint of?

Catherine of Aragon is not a saint.

Why did Catherine of Aragon become a saint?

Catherine of Aragon is not a canonized saint.

Did Catherine of aragon die of cancer?

Yes, Catherine of Aragon did die of cancer. However, she was very sick before also and her husband (King Henry VIII) kept her in very bad conditions.

When was Catherine of Aragon born?

Catherine of Aragon was born on December 16, 1485.

Was Catherine of Aragon Catholic?

Yes , Catherine of Aragon was Catholic.

Did Henry VIII behead Catherine of Aragon?

Catherine of Aragon was divorced in 1533, not beheaded.

When was Henry 8th divorced with Catherine of aragon?

Henry divorced catherine of aragon in 1533

Was Catherine of aragon divorced?

Yes. Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII's marriage was a divorce

When did Henry the 8th's wife Catherine Aragon die?

January 7, 1536

What was the christian name of Catherine of aragon?


When did Henry divorce Catherine of aragon?

Henry VIII divorced Catherine of Aragon in 1533.................. If that was what you were talking about.....

What age was Catherine of Aragon when she died?

Catherine of Aragon was 50 years old when she passed away.

Was Catherine of Aragon french?

Catherine of Aragon was the daughter of the king and queen of Spain at that time