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he started to make schools for the children so he helped with the education

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Q: How did Charlemagne help Europe get out of the dark ages?
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In what ways did Charlemagne help reunify Europe?

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How did the plague help prolong the dark ages?

By halting every progess....

How did homer help take Ancient Greece out of the dark ages?

he said dohh

How did Pope Leo III and Charlemagne help each other out?

Charlemagne led an army into Italy and restored Leo to the seat of spiritual power. In return, Leo crowned Charlemagne "Emperor of the Romans" in 800, giving him the claim to secular power over Western Europe. This is the real answer!* Your welcome ;)

How are goths linked to the dark ages?

The help rome iwtnther efall and help take it over the were on of the barbian tribes

How did Frankish rulers such as Charlemagne gain control of western Europe?

Charlemagne, a very powerful and efficient Frankish Ruler, had a strategy he used that never he used and never failed him. Charlemagne would go out once a year, go into battle with one of his enemies and then one the opponent has been defeated, he would take over the land and make friends with the people and surrounding areas. Charlemagne was also well known across Europe too, Pope Leo III noticed Charlemagne skill as a warrior and called for his help. Twice the Franks under Charlemagne's Rule helped Leo defeat their enemies. Out of gratitude, Pope Leo named Charlemagne the Emperor of the Roman people. The people believed that the Church and the Gods were on the side of Charlemagne which gave him the support along with the power to occupy the majority of Europe.

Charlemagne ruled with the help of missi domini or?

Charlemagne ruled with the help of the missi dominici, or Lord's Messengers. Schools that were established by Charlemagne were based on the Roman Madel.

What united people during the middle ages?

The Catholic Church, however, served as a strong unifying force among the states and people of Europe.

Why did King William introduce the feudal system?

To help control large areas of land and people (after the Dark Ages).

What development helped the monarchs of Europe form strong central governments during the late Middle Ages?

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How did Charlemagne and Irish monks help preserve ancient knowledge?

they wanted to

How did counts and inspectors help Charlemagne effectively rule his empire?

During his rule Charlemagne used his counts and inspectors to assure loyalty of all of his subjects