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How did Clara Barton help during the Civil War?


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She helped care for the soldiers during and after the battles. :)

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Clara helped aroung 1000 soldiers during the civil war but many that she tried to help died

Clara Barton helped wounded soldiers during the Civil War. After the war, at the time of James Garfield's presidency, she created the American Red Cross.

She help people with there lifes and tried to stop the civil war

Clara Barton was among the many women in the North to help care for the sick and wounded at Union field hospitals during the US Civil War. She and her fellow workers, including American poet Walt Whitman cared for soldiers from both sides of the war.

Clara barton drove a truck while the civil war. Also she wasn't just driving but also gathered the wounded soldiers and took them to the field hospital. she was called the angel of the civil war.

Clara Barton was, because of her immense help in the Civil War (and other wars)!

Yes she was at the cilil war because she went to help out the wounded soldiers.

Clara Barton did help with Andersonville Prison and its graveyard. She worked to help identify most of the bodies that were buried in mass graves there.

Clara Barton, back during the civil war left the local nurses office to help out with wounded soldiers that were fighting in the civil war

No, Clara Barton was in many wars. She just did not fight because she needed to help wounded soldiers.

Clara Barton trained people to be nurses and help soldiers on the battlefield. She started the American Red Cross.

Clara Barton wished to be able to help whoever and whenever she could. She had a great burden for the men dying in wars.

because she was a kind genouros woman

no she just laughed from the east

Clara Barton started the American Red Cross to help wounded American soldiers during war.

American poet Walt Whitman and Clara Barton met shortly after the US Civil War Battle of Fredericksburg. They both did volunteer work to help wounded soldiers. Also, they both had jobs with the US government. Whitman was a copyist, Barton a copyist at the US Parent Office.

Yes, sometimes she had to have someone HELP her.

When the US Civil War began, Clara Barton was employed at the US Patent Office in Washington DC. The wounded soldiers returning from the First Battle of Bull Run startled Barton. Based on the horrific conditions she observed, she began her campaign to help and care for the wounded soldiers. Often at great risk to herself.

When she saw that soldier are dieing out in the battlefield and she could help them.

cause she was a nice caring person and she was a nurse

she drove a truck during the civil war. she didn't just drive the truck but also gathered the people behind the truck and she took them to the field hospital. she didn't care if it was confederate or union. she just helped wounded soldiers. she said if someone is suffering, help them even though they are not in our side. her nickname was the angel of civil war.

yep she helped wounded soldiers and beaten up people.

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