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Who was the angel of the battle field for civil war?


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Clara (Clarissa) Harlowe Barton


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Confederate Sgt. Richard Kirkland at the battle of Fredricksburg.

She was a nurse who gave aid to soldiers on the battle field in the Civil War. She save so many lives so they gave her the name Angel of the battle field. Clara was one of the first women allowed to help save life in the war

She was a nurse in the civil war , she didn't and couldn't fight because she was a girl, but she fought to help the wounded, living up to the fallen warriors, the heros of our country. She truly is the Angel of the Battle Field. The civil war was a mere obstical in life to her and she id what she could to pass the test.

they couldn't get on the battle field or they would be shot.

The Angel of the Battlefield was Clara Barton. I do not know who the angle of the battlefield was.

They were use bring suppplies, and soldiers to the battle field

Many women were nurses who helped on the battle field.

The Civil War WAS the war, not an individual battle.

the first battle of the civil war was the Battle of Fort Sumter.

No, neither the field, battle, nor the generals shown are real - it is all a fiction...

she actually had many, but the most popular one, and the one she is known by is " the angel of the battle field". she helped soldiers in wars, such as the civil war, she was for the union (north), and the Franco-Purasian war. :)

The battle was fought November 23 - 25 in the Confederate state of Tennessee.

The Battle of Chickamauga was the second bloodiest Battle of the Civil War.

The battle that was the most decisive of the Civil War was the battle of Antietam.

Yes, it was the last battle of the Civil War

Was WHAT a major battle of the Civil War?

Civil War field hospitals were tents on the battle ground used to treat people. They could also be converted from homes, barns and any other buildings.

the 3rd battle of the civil war was the battle of Shiloh April 6-7,1862

On the Field of a bloody civil war battle ------->NovaNet

Antitam was the first major battle in the Civil War.

The battle of Bosworth field was the penultimate battle in the Wars of the Roses, a civil war between the House of Lancaster and the House of York .

The battle the English Civil War is most remembered for is the Battle of Edgehill.

she was a nurse that founded redcross. she was known as angel of the battle feild.

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