How did Cleopatra die and how?

Cleopatra committed suicide. Just exactly how we don't know. It's suspected that she took a poison of some kind. There is a myth that she killed herself by being bitten by an asp (cobra), but this is just a story with no truth in it.

There actually is some evidence. When they had finally caught Cleopatra, they let her go to the treasury to pay respects to Mark Anthony. They let her be. She was there with her two ladies in waiting. When the Romans came in, Cleopatra and one of the ladies in waiting was dead, one was dying. Killing people with snakes venom was a popular way to kill criminals in Alexandria. Asp venom wasnt normally what they used, but it would have appealed to Cleopatra, for it was the symbol of the royal family. She commited suicide. She would rather be dead than in the hands of the Romans, walking in a roman triumph (parade) and being jeered at , people laughing at her. Or become a slave, she would hate that.