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he changed the world by exploring the amercas and discovering new land.

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Q: How did Cortes' work change the world?
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How did Hernando Cortes discover the view change of the world?

He was the only person who had alot of silver and gold and went to prison

Did Cortes explorer of the new world?

Cortes was a conquistador - an adventurer, explorer, and conqueror.

What year did Cortes arrive in the New world?

Hernan Cortes was a Spanish Conquistador that brought about the fall of the Aztec Empire. Cortes arrived in the New World to conduct his exploration in 1506.

Explain how Cortes conquered the Aztecs?

Cortes and his soliders had destroyed Techochtitlan,and Cortes became the conqueror of one of the largest empires in the world

How did Michelangelo change the world'?

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Who is the smallest shooter in the world?

Alazae Cortes

What area of the new world did Cortes discover?


What part of the world did hernan Cortes conquered?


What were Hernando Cortes goals?

Hernan Cortes' goals were to find gold and claim land for Spain.

How did Morgan Freeman work change the world?

He was born. That is how he changed the world

Who did Hernando Cortes work for?

Diego Valazquez de Cuellar

How were Cortes and Montezuma alike?

montezuma and Cortes they both was leaders and they both had enemies and they both work on the same team. montezuma and Cortes theyboth was like brothers and that's why they got something and coment. montezuma and Cortes theyn both are old and they both are and some bad stuff. montezuma and Cortes they did bad thing before and they both did good thing before. that what montezuma and Cortes are alikes.