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d- day was basicly all that the allies and the Germans had left so who ever lost d-day had not much less to fight with.

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Q: How did D-Day show that Germany could not win the war?
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What did germany do after the US declared war on Japan?

After Japan declared war on the US, Germany did the same to show their support for japan.

What finally brought World War II to an end?

dday caused Hitler to commit suicide, and Germany surrendered. soon after, the Americans defeated japan, causing them to with draw,\. that day is called VJ Day (victory in japan)

Can Germany take over the world?

During ww2, Germany could of won the war

What could Britain do to help prevent war with Germany?

not much

Could Germany defeat us in World War 2?


Why did Germany have to pay repirations?

After World War I the treaty of Versaille stated that Germany was responsible for the war and thefore had to pay reparations to the winning nations like France. So you could say that the reparations were enforced on Germany after the war.

Did Germany thought that by going into war would become more powerful?

Yes! They tried to show the world they could win war. They were the first ones to use machine guns, planes, tanks... in World War I. Hitler tried to make Germany a big and important country by attacking and conquering other lands. They tried to expand their territory and show the world how powerful they were. Indimitation, is what Germany tried to do to other countries during the I & II World Wars. I guess this is what they thought when they went into war. Hoped it helped!! :)

Could war between Germany and Soviet Union have been avoided?


How many men could Germany call up if there was a war?


How could have Britain avoided war with Germany?

Only by further appeasement.

What was England's main strategy in World War 2?

To attack Germany at its heart from the air and from the land. This was accomplished by landing in France on DDay with the Americans and Canadians, and supporting the Allies in Africa and Italy. They also flew sorties over Germany bombing the factories that made military equipment for the Nazis.England always argued for an attack from the Turkish side of Germany, but the American command never agreed to it.

Could Japan have been in an alliance with Germany during World War 2?

What do you mean by COULD HAVE BEEN? They were.

Could people vote in West Germany during World War 2?

yes because they could

To see what their weapons could do Germany bombed this spanish city?

Germany supported Franco during the Spanish Civil War of 1936, and tested their weapons during that war.

Why England and Francefollowed the pollicy of appeasement towards Germany after World War 1?

They could not afford to enter into another war if Germany reacted badly to not getting what it wanted.

When did Germany and Italy declare war after Pearl Harbor?

To show unity with Japan they declared war within days after the attack. But this was a mistake as it allowed the US to enter the war in Europe against them without having to have congress debate a declaration of war first (which could likely have failed to pass).

Why did allied leaders insist that Germany pay reparation for the war?

they wanted to weaken Germany so it could not rebuild its military

What lies did Hitler tell Germany?

he told them that he could make germany great again after they were blamed for world war 1.

What did England hope to gain from World War 1?

The british wanted to show Germany who was boss and they did.

What is the significance of DDAY?

D-Day was the Allies penetrating the "European Fortress" and pushing the Axis back into Europe. This was by many considered the start of the end of the war.

What was the importance of dday?

D-Day was designed to be the last push on germany. D Day was the first step in taking the war back to Hitlers Europe. At that time the Russians were pressing in the East and were taking most of the casualties in the war. Italy had been invaded by the Allies but a new front was required. Dday was the day on which (at that time) the greatest sea armada ever known was lauched against the Normandy coast. The invasion area was set into five beaches. Despite what Hollywood says it was not a solely US affair. The Americans had two of the areas, the British had two and the Canadians had one.

Is there a war in Germany?

No, the last war in Germany was World War 2

Why did Joseph Stalin's pact with Hitler during World War 2 encourage Germany to go to war in Europe?

Germany could fight in western Europe without worrying about fighting a two-front war.

Why did allied leaders insist that Germany pay reparations for the war?

They wanted to weaken Germany so it could not rebuild its military.-novanet

What 4 things did the treaty of Versailles do to Germany?

made Germany pay for the damages caused by world war one which was set at $33 billion also Germany had to take complete blame for the war also the allies took control over large parts of Germany and Germany had destroy all of their weapons anything that could be used for war