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Paintings inspired him

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When did Edgar Degas start painting?

I know that Edgar degas started painting in 1885 i know because i did a research project on him.

What type of painting is 'Two Dancers in the Studio' by Edgar Degas?

'Two Dancers in the Studio' by Edgar Degas is an impressionist genre painting done in pastels.

Edgar Degas is most famous for his paintings of what?

Degas is most famous for his painting and sculptures of women and girls dancing and of ballet.

Did Edgar Degas start painting?

Yes, he started and went on until he died.

What was Edgar Degas first painting?

Something he did in art school, now forgotten.

Which painting by Edgar Degas was stolen?

The Chorus, it was stolen on the 31st of December 2009.

Why does Edgar Degas like to draw pictures of dancers?

Degas liked to draw pictures of dancers because he enjoyed painting movement.

Did Edgar Degas paint the Louvre?

Not the exterior, but on painting is called Miss Cassatt in the Louvre.

When did Edgar degas stop painting?

late in his life when his sight started to fail then he went to sculpting

What artist like to paint ballet live?

Edgar Degas is known for painting ballet scenes.

When was Edgar Degas born?

Edgar Degas was born on July 19, 1834.

What is the value of the ballet class by Edgar degas?

I was wondering that myself because iam the owner of the Original painting.

What medium did Edgar Degas use on his drawings of dancers?

Oil. I saw the painting in the Minneapolis art museum.

Did Edgar degas marry?

No, Edgar Degas never married. people thought he was annoying at times.

When did Edgar Degas die?

Edgar Degas died on September 27, 1917 at the age of 83.

Did Edgar Degas ever sign his name in French?

Edgar Degas can only be written in French.

How did Edgar degas love for art come about?

He loved painting women so that is what he wanted to spend his time doing

What kind of media did Edgar Degas use?

Oil painting, pastel, smal-scale sculpture (wax to bronze).

What materials did Edgar Degas use to create his paintings?

Oil painting for many years but later he preferred pstels.

What art movement did Edgar degas associate with?

Edgar degas called himself a realist, but as his eyesight got worst his art style became more impressionistic.

Where did Edgar Degas die?

Edgar Degas died in Paris 27th September 1917 aged 83.

What is Degas' full name?

Edgar Degas.Another answer:Hilaire-Germain-Edgar de Gas.

How old was Edgar Degas at death?

Edgar Degas died on September 27, 1917 at the age of 83.

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