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Elizabeth felt a mix of relief and guilt after destroying the marigolds. She was relieved to have released her pent-up anger and frustration, but also felt guilty for destroying something beautiful and innocent.

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Q: How did Elizabeth feel after she destroyed the marigolds?
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What are the character's name in marigolds?


What is the climax in Marigolds?

The turning point for Marigolds is when Lizbeth goes back to Ms. Lottie's garden and destroys what is left of the marigolds. It is then that she realizes what she has done. She has destroyed the only beautiful thing in Ms. Lottie's life.

What do you think Lizabeth hated the marigolds?

she hated Marigolds because she did not understand their purpose. She was confused and ignorant. Only after she destroyed the marigolds she realized the error of her ways and became a young woman

How does the Elizabeth interact with her younger brother Joey in Marigolds?

Elizabeth is initially protective of her younger brother Joey in "Marigolds." However, as she witnesses the harsh realities of their poverty-stricken environment, she becomes frustrated and lashes out at him. Despite this, Elizabeth ultimately cares deeply for Joey and shows her love for him in small ways throughout the story.

What was the flashback story time for marigolds?

The flashback in "Marigolds" recounts the protagonist Lizabeth's memories of her childhood and the moment she destroyed Miss Lottie's marigolds, symbolizing her loss of innocence and the harsh realities of growing up. It serves to emphasize the theme of coming of age and the inevitable loss of childhood innocence.

How does the climax of the story marigolds-Elizabeth destruction of the marigolds-begin a rite of passage from childlhood to the beginning of womanhood?

The climax is when Lizabeth returns to Miss Lottie's garden in the night and destroys her marigolds. She then realizes what she had done was wrong and begins to think more women-like rather than child-like.

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What is some figurative language in the story marigolds?

"...waiting was the sorrowful background music..." "poverty was the cage in which we were all trapped"

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