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Q: How did Emilio aguinaldo an insurrection agaisnt the US?
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Why did Aguinaldo lead an insurrection against the US?

He was not happy that the United States maintained possession of the Philippines following the Spanish-American War.

What did Lincoln do to help put down the insurrection?

This question could be about more than one insurrection when Abraham Lincoln was the US president. For the purposes of ruling out the rebellion of the Confederacy, one New York City insurrection, the largest in US history happened in New York City in July of 1863. There rioters ran wild against the Federals that came to the city to draft new soldiers. Thousands of people protested the Union's draft laws, for multiple reasons. It was a riot that forced Lincoln to send troops from Gettysburg with cannons to end the riots. Many free Blacks were murdered by the rioters.

According in the constitution a person must meet certain requirements in order to be eligible to become president Name one of these requirements?

(1) The President must be a U.S. natural born citizen. (2) The President must be at least 35 years old on the day of inauguration. (3) The President must have been a permanent resident in the U.S. for at least 14 years. (4) The President must not have served more than one previous term as President. (5) The President must not have been disqualified by impeachment; nor by insurrection, rebellion or treason.

What is after the US?

A is after the US

What wars did the US win in the history of the world?

1. The US can accept the title of victor during the Revolutionary War of 1776; however, like Vietnam, the British grew tired of fighting the American Colonists (8 years worth) and decided we were no longer worth the trouble and called it quits. 2. The War of 1812; Britain agreed to quit kidnapping US Seamen on the high seas. 3. The Mexican War (1846-1848); the US acquired California, Arizonia, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico. 4. Frontier Wars (1850-1890); the US Army settles the western US. 5. Spanish-American War of 1898; US acquires leasing rights in Cuba, and takes Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. 6. In 20th Century language; the US puts down the Philippine Insurrection in 1902. Which was bloodier than the Spanish-American War of 1898 which had spawned it. Today's 21st Century language calls it the "Philippine-American War." 7. US is responsible for the allied victory in WW1. 8. US is responsible for the allied victory in WW2. 9. US/Allies STOP the communists at the 38th Parallel during the Korean War; which is still in effect today. 10. Vietnam War; US pulls out of Vietnam in 1973; South falls to the Communist Northern invaders in April 1975. First communist victory during the cold war. 11. US successfully conducts military operations: Urgent Fury (Grenada 1983); Just Cause (Panama 1989); Desert Storm (Iraq-January & February 1991); Restore Hope (Somalia 1993); Bosnia Operations in the 1990's; Operations Iraqi Freedom (starting in 2003 to present) and Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan 2001 to present).

Related questions

Who is the Philippine who led the insurrection against both Spanish rule and the later US occupation?

Emilio Aguinaldo

Why did Emilio Aguinaldo lead an insurrection against the US?

He was not happy that the United States maintained possession of the Philippines following the Spanish-American War.

Who was the leader of Filipino rebels during Spanish American War?

Emilio Aguinaldo who was the selected leader of the Philippines until he broke ranks with the US and declared independence while naming himself President. Commodore Perry had brought Aguinaldo out exile tp coordinate the Filipino Rebels in the hopes of establishing a representative government.

How did General Emilio Aguinaldo become a hero?

general emilio aguinaldo becomes hero because he save us from the spaniards who wants to "sakop us" IQtothemax061412

Who led the Filipino forces in opposition to the US?

Emilio Aguinaldo

Why did Emilio Aguinaldo felt betrayed by the US?

because hes a idiot

Why did hostilities develop between Emilio aguinaldo and the US?

There was a conflict between the United States and Emilio Aguinaldo because the United States wanted the Philippines to help with the Spanish/American War. Emilio Aguinaldo was an early leader in the Philippines and did not want the Philippines to help the United States. Instead, Emilio Aguinaldo fought the United States for control over the Philippines in 1898.

What Filipino rebel leader believed that the us had betrayed his people?

Emilio Aguinaldo

Who was Filipino nationalist who rebelled separately against the US and Spain?

Emilio Aguinaldo

Who led the Filipinos against the US for independence after the Spanish American war?

Emilio Aguinaldo.

What problem did the US forces face in the Philippines?

Aguinaldo helped organize an insurrection, or rebellion, against U.S. rule.

Why did the filipino nationalist leader Emilio aguinaldo turn against us rule in the Philippines?

aguinaldo was angered when the united states decided to keep control of the Philippines