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Emilio Aguinaldo

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Q: What Filipino rebel leader believed that the us had betrayed his people?
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Theories of the origin of the filipino people?

The theory of wave migration is believed to be the origin of the Filipino people. People from neighboring countries of the Philippines, such as Malaysia and Indonesia, were believed to be the first settlers in the land.

What are the Characteristic of a Filipino leader?

Some characteristics of a Filipino leader may include empathy, strong sense of community, adaptability, and resilience. Filipino leaders often prioritize building relationships, showing compassion towards their followers, and displaying flexibility in challenging situations. They also tend to have a strong sense of loyalty to their group or organization.

Why did Filipino nationalist leader Emilio Aguinaldo turn against U.S. rule in the Philippines?

Emilio Aguinaldo turned against U.S. rule in the Philippines because he believed that the United States had betrayed the Filipino people's aspirations for independence. He was disillusioned by the Treaty of Paris of 1898, which ceded the Philippines to the United States instead of recognizing Filipino independence. Aguinaldo and his supporters subsequently fought against U.S. colonial rule in the Philippine-American War.

Why did filipino nationalist leader Emilio turn against us rule in the Philippines?

aguinaldo was angered when the united states decided to keep control of the Philippines

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The rebels believed the new American-backed government had betrayed the revolution's promise to help the common people

First people in the Philippines?

The original Filipino ancestors are known today as Negritos or Aeta. It is believed that they had lived 40,000 years ago.

Why did rizal wrote the Filipino youth?

Rizal wrote "The Filipino Youth" to inspire and encourage the young generation to take pride in their heritage, to strive for a better future, and to pursue education as a means to uplift the nation from oppression and injustice. He believed in the potential of the Filipino youth to bring about positive change in society.

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