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Q: How did FDR's philosophy of government differ from the philosophies of Coolidge and hoover?
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How did FDRs philosophy of government differ from the philosophies of Coolidge and Hoover?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt felt that government should take an active role in the economic life of the nation during times of crisis. Roosevelt's New Deal offered hope for the future of the nation.

How did the approach to government of Harding and Coolidge differ from that of the progressive?


How did the approach of government of Harding and Coolidge differ from that of the progressives?


How did Roosevelt's philosophy differ from Hoover's?


How did Roosevelt's philosophies differ from Herbert Hoover?

roosevelt wanted to help the comunity with the new deal. hoover thought the community would get better on it's own. roosevelt wanted the government to help. oover thought the government should have no part

How does confucian philosophy differ from greek philosophy?

Confucian philosophy focuses on harmony, duty, and social relationships, while Greek philosophy emphasizes reason, inquiry, and the pursuit of knowledge. Confucianism emphasizes filial piety and respect for tradition, whereas Greek philosophy places importance on individual autonomy and critical thinking. Both philosophies have had significant impacts on their respective cultures and societies.

Ideas on an argument to write an essay on Hobbes and Locke?

You could argue that while both Hobbes and Locke advocated for a social contract theory, their ideas on the role of government and individual rights differ significantly. Hobbes believed in a powerful, centralized government to maintain order, while Locke favored a limited government with a focus on protecting individual rights and property. Comparing and contrasting these two perspectives can highlight the fundamental differences between their philosophies on governance and human nature.

How is Confucianism different from daoism?

Confucianism and Daoism are both Chinese philosophies of living. They differ in that Confucianism believes in setting good examples to be followed by others, while Daoism believes in the philosophy of inaction.

How did the philosophy of zeno differ from that of socrates?

please i need the answer very soon=(

How does philosophy expressed in the second paragraph of article 6 differ from the philosophy of the old articles of confederation?

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How does wisdom differ from philosophy Would Socrates or Plato know the difference?

The Greek expression 'philosophy' means 'love of wisdom'. Not exactly a difference, is it.

How did the government of Jamestown settlers differ from that of the Plymouth settlers.?

how did the government of he Jamestown settlers differ from tht of theplymouth settles