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In 1956, it divided Vietnam at the 17th parallel into North and South Vietnam. They remained that way until the South Vietnam government surrendered to North Vietnam forces in April, 1975.

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How did the Geneva accords change Vietnam?

it divided Vietnam 2 parts

How did the Geneva accords chande Vietnam?

Divided Vietnam at the Seventeenth parallel.

What did the Geneva accords do?

Divided vietnam at the 17th parallel

Which of these outlined the future of Vietnam in 1954?

Geneva accords

The Geneva accords provided for?

the division of Vietnam into two countries

What did the Geneva accords call for in Vietnam in 1956?

To end the war.

Which was not an element of the Geneva Accords?

vietnam was united into one country.

When was Vietnam split into north and south Vietnam?

In 1954, the Geneva Accords on Indochina stipulated the division of Vietnam.

What temporarily divided Vietnam along the 17th parallel?

Geneva accords

What did the US do in response to the Geneva Accords?

It prevented elections in South Vietnam

How did the Geneva Accords affect the political status of Vietnam?

Vietnam was divided into two separate nations

What peace agreement ended the Vietnam War?

The Geneva Accords (signed at the two-week-long Geneva Conference in Geneva, Switzerland).

What government was south Vietnam after the Geneva accords?

A free democratic Republic of South Vietnam; pending elections.

What did the Geneva accords provide for?

It forced French troops to leave Vietnam and divided Vietnam into two countries. (A)

What year was Vietnam first divided?

Vietnam was divided into north and south at the 17th parallel by the Geneva Accords of 1954.

What were the Geneva Accords and what did they establish?

The Geneva Accords divided Korea in 1954

Who was in control of North Vietnam after the Geneva Accords temporarily divided the country?

Ho Chi Minh

How did the Geneva accords cause th Vietnam war?

it didnt cause it. it actually ended the war

What decisions about Vietnam were laid out in the 1954 Geneva Accords?

In May 1954, france met with the viet minh for peace talks in Geneva,Switzerland.

In 1954 peace talks that resulted in dividing Vietnam into northern and southern halves reflected?

Geneva Accords.

What part of Korea was the Geneva Accords on?

The Geneva Accords were negotiated following WW I, not the Korean War.

In what year was Vietnam split into two countries - North Vietnam and South Vietnam?

In 1954, a set of documents called the Geneva Accords was signed, splitting the Vietnamese region of French Indochina into two separate countries called North Vietnam and South Vietnam. However, the Geneva Accords also included a provision that called for elections in the future to join the two into one unified country.

What event of the Vietnam War brought down Johnson's presidency?

The Gulf of Tonkin The Geneva Accords The Tet Offensive

Why is the 17th parallel labeled on the map in the book?

It is the military demarcation between North and South Vietnam. Established by the Geneva accords in 1954

What did the United States do in response to the Geneva Accords?

It prevented elections in South Vietnam.