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Bush won the electoral vote despite losing the national popular vote.

George W. Bush won the 2000 presidential election defeating Albert Gore, Jr. In the 2000 presidential election George W. Bush received 271 (50.5%) electoral votes and Albert Gore, Jr. received 266 (49.5%) electoral votes. The popular vote totals were Gore 50,996,582 (50.3%) and Bush 50,456,062 (49.7%). Green Party candidate Ralph Nader won 2,882,955 popular votes. Nader did not receive any electoral votes.

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Q: How did George W. Bush win the president election 2000 despite loosing the popular vote?
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Do two terms of president have to be consecutive?

No. It's theoretically possible for a president of the US to have three nonconsecutive terms in office (elected vice-president, becomes president more than two years into his term, loses (or doesn't run) the next election, runs for president in a later election and wins, loses (or doesn't run) in the next election, runs AGAIN in a later election and wins). The only US president so far to serve non-consecutive terms was Grover Cleveland, who was elected in 1884, lost to Benjamin Harrison (despite winning the popular vote) in 1888, and was elected again in 1892.

How many presidents have been elected unanimously?

No US president was elected unanimously by popular vote. The only president elected unanimously by the electoral college was George Washington (There was no popular vote in this election).

Who was the president in 1894-?

This depends on the country/organization. See related questions.US: Grover ClevelandGrover Cleveland was the 22nd President of the United States from 1885 March 4 to 1889 March 4 and the 24th President of the United States from 1893 March 4 to 1897 March 4. Despite winning the popular vote in the 1888 election, he would ultimately lose the presidency, only to regain it in the 1892 re-election.

How did Rutherford B. Hayes become president?

He won the popular and electoral vote. Actually he didn't win the popular vote and thought he had lost the election. In a nutshell, he became president when he was able to broker a "backroom" deal with the Democrats.

How do you get elected to be president?

Although each state holds presidential elections every 4 years, the actual "election" is held about a month later by the "Electoral College". The results from the "General Election" are generally transferred through the Electoral College, but the "Delegates" are not required to vote as their state did. The candidate with 270 Electoral Votes becomes president. Although the state by state elections are based on "Popular Vote", the actual election is solely based on the Electoral College. I.E. 2000, Gore v. Bush (Gore won the National Popular Vote while G. W. Bush won the Electoral Vote).

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Failed to become president despite winning most of the popular vote in 1824?

Andrew Jackson is the presidential candidate who won the popular vote in the 1824 election but failed to secure the presidency. Despite winning the highest number of popular votes, Jackson did not have the majority needed in the electoral college, and the election was ultimately decided by the House of Representatives, who chose John Quincy Adams as the president. This outcome is often referred to as the "corrupt bargain" because Adams appointed Henry Clay, who had supported him, as his Secretary of State.

What role did the electoral college make in the 2000 election?

George Bush became president because of the vote in the electoral college, despite not winning a plurality of the popular vote

Is it time for the popular direct election of the President and Vice President?


How did George W. Bush win the 2000 election despite losing the popular?

He won the electoral vote.

Who ran for president in 1828?

Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams, the incumbent President were the candidates in 1828. It was the first election for Jackson's Democratic Party which was formed after Jackson lost out in 1824, despite leading in both the popular vote and electoral vote. It was the first election in which two national parties ran national campaigns.

What election is one where the citizens vote for the President?

A presidential election is one where citizens vote for the President. In this type of election, voters directly choose their preferred candidate for the position of President of their country. The candidate who receives the majority of the electoral votes or the popular votes (depending on the country's system) wins the election and becomes the President.

Who was the last President to lose the popular vote and win an election?

barak obama was

How was Jose Mujica elected to president?

By popular vote. Uruguay has a free election.

Was the last person to lose the election in the Electoral College despite winning most of the popular vote?

Al Gore

How did George W. Bush win 2000 election despite losing popular vote?

He won the electoral vote.

What was Rutherford B. Hayes famous for?

Ending reconstruction, first president to use a telephone, and winning the 1876 election despite being slaughtered in the popular vote by Samuel Tilden. He is one of the least remembered presidents along with Arthur.

Which about the 1824 presidential election is TRUE A candidate Andrew Jackson lost despite the most popular vote B A North-Easterner John Quince Adams was elected president C A depression followed?

The 1824 presidential election is very similar to the 2016 contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump. Just like now, in 1824, the winner of the popular vote did not have enough electoral votes to win the election. The Electoral College actually votes for the US President. The Popular Vote only 'elects' the members of the Electoral College.