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George Washington won the election because he had numerous attributes that no other person had, he also had leading experience from the revolution.

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Q: How did George Washington win the president election?
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Who is the only president to win 100 percent of the electoral vote in a presidential election?

George Washington

Did george washington win every election he was ever in?

no he wasnt

The last federalist to win a presidential election?

The ONLY two Federalists to win the presidential election were John Adams and of course George Washington.

What were some of the accomplishments of the US while George Washington was President?

George Washington help win the French revolution.

What big thing did George Washington do?

George Washington became the first U.S. president for helping win the Revolutionary War

Who was the first president to win all electoral votes?

George Washington

Did George Washington win the unanimous votes in the electoral college for president?

Yes George Washington was so respected he won unanimously.

What did George Wahington do in the revolution?

George Washington was the general that made the US win the war. He was therefor the first president.

What major things did George Washington do?

Win the Revolutionary War, become the first President.

Why did President Lincoln doubt he could win the election of 1864?

He doubted he would win the election because the democrats nominated General George McClellan who was very popular and people cherished him.

What did George Washington did important?

First of all, it is what did George Washington DO that was so important. He was the first president of the United states after helping us win the American Revolution.

What president did not win the election for vice president or president?


What 2 important things did George Washington do?

He was the first president. He helped win the revolutionary war.

What does the president have to win to be elected president?

The electoral election

Can a candidate win the popular vote but not win the presidency has this ever happened?

A canidate can win the popular vote and not win the election. This happened in the 2000 presidential election between Al Gore (former Vice President to Bill Clinton) and George W. Bush (former President). It was a very close election. Bush went onto the White House.

What president never ran for president?

George Washington did not campaign but rather had the presidency handed to him. John Tyler , Andrew Johnson, and Chester Arthur became president because they were vice-president when the president died. Johnson and Arthur might be said to have run for the nomination but did not win and so did not run in the November election

Who do you think will win the Election for President?

The President will win! he's not a HATER Rightwing nut

What did George Washington do to help establish the US as a country?

George Washington was a commander in the American Revolution, helping the colonies win their independence. Then he became the first President of the United States.

When did Bush senior become president?

George W. Bush became President in the 1988 election. He defeated Dukakis and Ferraro. With the win, he became the 41st President of the United States.

Who is the only vice president since Lyndon Johnson to be elected president?

George H. W. Bush. Gerald Ford does not count because he did not win an election.

Which president did not win the presidential election?


Who was the first republican president to win re-election?

Abraham Lincoln ,who was the first Republican president, won re-election.

Did George Washington win the revolutionary war?

Did george washington win the war? ask . comit didnt really answer anything :/

Who was the only president to win all of the electoral college votes?

George Washington-he received 100% of the electoralvotes.

Who is the president to win all possible electoral votes?

I'm pretty sure that George Washington won unanimously