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her discovery started at a drugstore selling her paintings.

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Q: How did Grandma Moses become famous?
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What famous woman painter started painting because her fingers had become too stiff for embroidering?

Grandma Moses

When is grandma Moses birthday?

Grandma Moses was famous for the paintings she did. As an American Folk painter, she only took paining seriously when in her seventies.

Was Grandma Moses Educated?

No. Grandma Moses was not educated.

What was grandma moses known for?

what is Grandma Moses known for today

Who did the actual painting of Grandma Moses?

Grandma Moses did, who else?

Where did Grandma Moses live as an adult?

where did grandma moses live at as an adult

Were grandma Moses parents poor?

where grandma moses parents poor

What famous woman was a primitive painter?

Grandma Moses was a naive painter, which need not be the same as primitive.

Where did Moses become famous?


What is Grandma Moses's birthday?

Grandma Moses was born on September 7, 1860.

What actors and actresses appeared in Grandma Moses - 1950?

The cast of Grandma Moses - 1950 includes: Archibald Macleish as Narrator Grandma Moses as herself

When did Grandma Moses paint a beautiful world?

Grandma Moses painted a beautiful world in 1948.