How did Greece influence the Renaissance?


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People of the Renaissance were influenced by Classical ideas that came from ancient Rome and Greece.

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He influenced the Renaissance by his awesome paintings.

She did not. When renaissance was going england was backwards.

How did the renaissance and the reformation influence democracy and the shaping of the modern world?

The main influence of the Renaissance and reformation on the modern world is that it led to scientific studies and observations.

Greece is the greatest influence on America because Greece made democracy first and rome came from Greece so it is all the same

It did not, since Bruegel lived AFTER the Renaissance.

During the Renaissance, there was a major resurgence of using classical learning from Greece. These influences included the likes of Plato and Socrates.

The Renaissance was a revival of Greek and Roman culture which was blended with the cultures of the times.

Greece had the first Democracy, America is still looking for this.

Charles B. Schmitt has written: 'The Aristotelian tradition and Renaissance universities' -- subject(s): History, Influence, Renaissance Philosophy, Universities and colleges 'Studies in Renaissance philosophy and science' -- subject(s): Renaissance Philosophy, Renaissance Science 'A critical survey and bibliography of studies on Renaissance Aristotelianism, 1958-1969' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Influence, Renaissance Philosophy

No. Aristotle lived in ancient Greece.

i dont know that is why I am asking

It resulted in Scientific Advancement

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