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Q: How did Hampton court palace look like?
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What would the inside of his Henry viii palace have looked like?

Very posh and grand in his day but to us now it would look old fashioned.

Are you aloud to bring a camera to Hampton court palace?

I think so. Why ask it on Wiki answers, Just look on the bluddy website. lol shame on you forasking

Where did King Henry VIII live?

Henry had many palaces which he lived in; these included Greenwich (where he was born), Richmond and many others.Henry VIII's primary residence later became Hampton Court Palace, but Henry lived in a number of palaces including the Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Eltham Palace, St James Palace, Westminster Palace, and occasionally Dover castle.Windsor Castle & Hampton Court Whitehall, Richmond, Hampton Court only after he acquired it from Wolsey. His favourite home was Greenwich, then spelled Grenewich. He loved it there and kept the royal barge moored there so he could use the Thames to travel back and forth.More information can be found in a forthcoming book, I Diced With God ... the life of Henry VIII which will answer all these questions and many more. Look out for it this summer.

Hades palace look like?

Attached link is to vase art of Hades palace.

Where did Henry the VIII get married to Kathryn Howard?

At Hampton Court in the Chapel. The document to say the marriage was witnessed is at Hampton Court still today!

What does Helena and menelaus's palace look like?

It is big and has a chariot in it

What did Julius Caesar's palace look like inside?

It was big

What did king aegeus palace look like?

it has lots of gold and vines

What did the court of Kublai Khan look like?

looked like chinese court

What does the housing market look like for Hampton VA?

The housing market for Hampton, VA is on the rebound. The housing bubble has lowered the market when compared to a few years ago. However, in recent monthly comparisons, the Hampton, VA is showing improvement.

What does the summer palace look like?

The Summer Palace in Beijing is the largest and best-preserved imperial garden in China. The Summer palace looks like a paradise, it is a very beautiful garden surrounded with beautiful trees and flowers.

What did the palace of the Greek gods look like?

It depends on the individual's art: or the description of a myth.