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She became famous by auditioning for the part as Hannah Montana in the show she is also known as Miley Stwert. Did you know before they new Miley the part was called Chloe Stweart

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When did Hannah Montana get famous?

Hannah Montana is not famous Miley Cyrus is. Actually Hannah Montana is famous, little kids love her because Hannah Montana is more for younger kids but Miley Cyrus is for tweens.And Miley Cyrus is actually famous for being Hannah Montana, if she wasn't Hannah Montana she wouldn't be as famous as she is now.

Where did Hannah Montana become famous?

Hannah Montana Aka Miley Cyrus became famous by auditions on ''Hannah Montana''.

Who is more famous Hannah Montana or beyonce?

Hannah Montana

How did Hannah Montana became famous?

She auditioned for the role of Hannah Montana, and she got it.

Who is the most famous singer in Montana?

Hannah montana

Why does Hannah Montana put on a fake hair?

Cause when she did the Hannah Montana series everybody knew her that way and she became famous from Hannah Montana

If Hannah Montana stops the show will she still be famous?

Kinda. But Hannah Montana is just a character.

Why Hannah Montana is famous?

Her dad is

What is a famous building in Montana?


Does Hannah Montana choose to be miley or Hannah?

i think she wants to me Hannah Montana because then she is more famous than when she is miley

Who is more famous Hannah Montana or sonic the hedgehog?

i think Hannah Montana for girls and sonic for boys

Is Hannah Montana the most famous celebrity?

Hannah Montana is a character, Miley Cyrus, who portrays the character is the celebrity. There are countless famous celebrities.

How did miely Cyrus get famous?

She got famous through her roles as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel sitcom 'Hannah Montana'.

How did Hannah Montana became famous on the show not Miley Cyrus i mean Hannah?

The character in the show got famous 'cause her dad was famous before and Hannah not-in-the-show-but-real was created for the show and songs were written for the Hannah on the show and then Hannah Montana released an album and she got famous.

Famous singers of 1900?

Hannah Montana

Who is more famous Hannah Montana or Selena Gomez?

Hannah Montana definatley, because she has been around longer

When was the first day that Hannah Montana became famous?


What year did Hannah Montana become famous?

She became famous in 2006

How famous Hannah Montana?

he is one of the most famous teen singer

Were is Hannah Montana more famous?

Hannah Montana is mostly famous in the United States everywhere. There is no way to determine where she is famous the most because so many people love her everywhere.

Is Hannah Montana not famous anymore?

Hannah Montana became famous when she was little. She made millions of money. She was mega famous. After a while people forgot about her more when her last season came. Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus, may still have a few fans left. She is really not famous anymore

Why isn't Hannah Montana famous anymore?

hannah montana is still famous but not that much anymore because miley cyrus doesn't play hannah anymore and it isn't on the tv anymore so yeh

Who is the most famous blonde actor?

Hannah Montana

Who are famous athletes from the ancient Greece?

Hannah Montana

Why Hannah Montana famous?

Because she sings well?!

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