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Manipulating public sentiment that still stung from a humiliating defeat from WWI, Hitler blamed all of the nation's problems on a class of people that he could easily vilify. Tying economic and social growth to the actions taken against "undesirables" conditioned the people to accept one because of the other and by the early 40's there was little concern as to where those to blame had gone.

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How did Hitler convince the German people to follow him?

Hitler was able to convince the German people to follow him because they were still suffering from WWI. He was charismatic, and came across as a good leader who wanted to help the country.

How did Hitler control Germany?

In 1933 Hitler became the leader of Germany. When the stock market crashed people in Germany was looking for a leader, somebody they cold trust and listen to. Hitler was an exellent speaker and convinced many people to follow him.

How did the treaty of the Versailles help Hitler get the power?

Hitler held on to the Treaty of Versailles and used it to convince the rest of Germany that the Allied Powers were to blame. He basically said that Germany should take revenge on Britain for the damages Britain did to them.

Why were the people in Germany so eager to follow Hitler?

Because he was a f*cking Boss!

How the did Hitler to convince the German people to kill offf all the Jews?

He blamed them for Germany's economic instability and for "robbing" Germany of its money.

What rules did Hitler set?

kill the jews!!! --- The #1 rule in Nazi Germany was: Follow the leader.

How did Hitler get so many people to follow him?

Hitler got followers through lies. Germany was also deeply affected by the Depression and Treaty of Versailles.

Who opposed Hitler in Germany?

Not alot of people opposed Hitler in Germany , if they did oppose him and spoke out about it , they would be killed. If you lived in Germany at the time Hitler ruled , you had to follow him or death was next for you. So many people did start to folow him and be his servants. Others that opposed kept it to them selves , but deep down inside many people hated Hitler

Why did the British and French leaders follow a policy of appeasement when dealing with Germany?

They were not ready to fight a war with Hitler.

What years did Hitler attack Germany?

Hitler did not attack Germany. He was the leader of Germany.

When did Hitler invade Germany?

Hitler never invaded Germany.

Why did Hitler get banned from Germany?

Hitler was never banned from Germany.

When did Adolph Hitler ivade Germany?

Hitler never invaded Germany, he lived in Germany and was the Chancellor of Germany.

How did Hitler persuade the people of Germany?

Germany was having financial troubles after WW I and Hitler found somebody to blame... the Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, etc . Capitalism was in crisis plus magnets not used in preceding war and an unelected media helped enable Hitler to convince people Jews and not capitalism was the problem .Hitler could not have achieved power without help of capitalism.

What are the views of Hitler?

In Germany Hitler is viewed as a villain and any piece of literature or anything else that has to do with Hitler or the Nazi Party is considered illegal. In the United States Hitler isn't illegal to talk about or read about like in Germany, but it is looked down to follow his ideas upon due to the United States cultural diversity.

Where in Germany did Hitler live?

Adolf Hitler lived in Berlin, Germany.

Where Hitler work?

as leader of Germany, Hitler worked in Berlin, Germany

Why wouldn't Hitler capture Germany?

Hitler was incharge of germany- he did not have to capture it.

How is Germany and Hitler connected to the Olympics?

Germany hosted the Olympics in 1936 when Hitler was the leader of Germany.

Who controlled Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler?

Hitler controlled Germany when he was the leader of Germany.

What was some of the reasons why hitler was able to convert so many germans to hate the jews?

Hitler did not really convert Germans to hate the Jews. Germany was already an anti-Semetic society when Hitler came to power and therefore, it was easy for Hitler to convince Germans to go along with his plans for Jews.

What happened when Hitler invaded Germany?

Hitler did not invade Germany. Hitler was the leader of Germany, who caused the Second World War by invading his neighbours.

When did Germany invade Adolph Hitler?

Germany never invaded Hitler, Hitler was a human being, not a country.

Why was Hitler so important?

Hitler was important to people because he had been leading the force against the Treaty of Versailles. He had exploited Germany's weakness at the end of World War One to convince the Germans into supporting him. People of Germany saw him as the way for Germany to rise as a powerful and strong country.

What year was Hitler chancellor of Germany?

Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

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