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by pooping on it and then eating it

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How did Hitler bomb Britain?

How did Hitler bomb London

Where did Albert Einstein invent the atom bomb?

Nowhere. Einstein did not invent the atomic bomb

Did Hitler invent the atomic bomb?

No The Germans were working on it but von Heisenburg, I think it was, got his sums wrong..... not that I know what the sums were you understand.

How did Albert Einstein invent the atomic bomb?

Einstein did not invent the atomic bomb, Leo Szilard did.

Did Hitler invent cancer?

Hitler didn't invent anything, but he did bring the VW into use in Germany.

What did Hitler bomb Pearl Harbor with?

Hitler didn't bomb Pearl harbor, the Japanese did.

What year did albert Einstein invent the atomic bom?

Albert Einstein did not invent the Atomic Bomb. In 1915 Einstein worked out the equations which made it possible for people to create an Atomic Bomb. In 1938 Heisenberg figured out the engineering which made such a bomb possible. Einstein heard about Heisenberg's work on behalf of Hitler and sent a letter to President Roosevelt warning him about the dangerous nature of such a bomb.

Why did Hitler invent an orifice meter?

He didn't invent it. He didn't invent anything.

What does Hitler will send no warning so always carry your gas mask mean?

Hitler was known for unexpectedlydropping gas-bombs on towns and cities, so the poster "Hitler will send no warning- so always carry your gas mask" is warning citizens to have a gas mask ready in case he decided to bomb your town.

Who came first Hitler or the atomic bomb?

Hitler, he was dead before the Bomb was used in warfare.

When did Hitler bomb Peal Harbor?

Hitler did not bomb pearl harbor, the Japanese did, on deceber 7th, 1941.

Why did Hitler bomb clydebank?

he wanted to bomb glasgow in return

Did Adolf Hitler ever throw a bomb and did it hit anyone?

No, Hitler never personally threw a bomb at anyone.

What inspired Albert Einstine to invent the atomic bomb?

he was adicted in atoms Albert Einstein did not invent the atomic bomb. It was invented by Leo Szilard.

Why did the president invent a nuclear bomb?

No president invented any nuclear bomb.

What bomb was used to try and kill Hitler?

a bomb was put in a skittle because Hitler liked rainbows so they tried that

Did Einstein invent the attomic bomb?

No, Einstein invented the nucular bomb, someone added to nucular bomb to create the atomic bomb

How did he invent the nuclear bomb?

he invented it with metal

Did Adolf Hitler invent anything?

Hitler didn't invent anything, but he did fund and promote the science experiments. He also let scientists test on him.

When did Hitler invent the Nazis?

He didn't invent Nazi's he joined them and made em better.

Who did Adolf send to droop the atomic bomb?

nobody. hitler never had the bomb

Why did Hitler bomb guernica?

Hitler bombed guernica because he was a mean guy

What did Edward Teller invent?

he invented the hydrogen bomb. His name is a.k.a. " The Father Of The Hydrogen Bomb'

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