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Jack the Ripper sent a letter to the police saying at the end "Yours truly JACK THE RIPPER" ever since then it has been his alias

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Name tv series featuring Jack The Ripper?

I could not find a TV series on Jack The Ripper but there was a 1988 TV movie about the Ripper.

What is another name for Jack The Ripper?

Saucy Jack or Leather Apron.

How did Jack the Ripper sign his name to police?

The killer refered to himself by several different names, Jack The Ripper and Saucy Jack are just a couple. He obviously had a flare for the dramatic. Jack The Ripper has become almost legend thanks in part to that 'oh so appropriated' name.

Is Jack the Ripper real?

Yes, Jack the Ripper is a name given to an unidentified serial killer (or killers) active around Whitechapel, London, England in the late 19th century. However, the killer was never found and therefore the name 'Jack the Ripper' is fictional.

What is Jack the Ripper's real name?

jack the ripper was a name that the news papers gave this killer, there are a few people believed to be the killer but no one knows for sure. He was never caught.//Actually, the moniker Jack The Ripper was used by the killer himself, not the newspapers of the day. To date, the strongest suspect for the London serial killer is Walter Richard Sickert, who has been linked with Jack the Ripper by DNA matches.//The true identity of Jack the Ripper was never proven, so we do not know his real name.

Who was worse Jack the Ripper or Charles Manson?

jack the ripper was worse.

How did police catch Jack The Ripper?

Jack The Ripper was never caught.

Is Jack the ripper a vampire?

No. Jack the Ripper was just a serial killer.

Was Dr. Bernardo Jack the Ripper?

Nobody knows who Jack the Ripper was.

Where did Jack the Ripper murder?

jack the ripper made his crimes in whitechapel London

Why is Bill O'reily Jack the Ripper?

He's not. Jack The Ripper was never identified.

Are there three people that are Jack the Ripper?

No one was never apprehended as the Jack the ripper.

How do you get unlimited jack the ripper?

toon into casebook jack the ripper and you will get a lot of information.

What actors and actresses appeared in Jack the Ripper - 2013?

The cast of Jack the Ripper - 2013 includes: James Hayward Brinkley as Jack the Ripper

Was Jack the Ripper caught?

Jack the Ripper was never found.

Did Jack The Ripper work alone?

There is no evidence that Jack The Ripper had an acomplice. Killers like the Ripper usually work alone.

How did Jack the Ripper sign his name?

While 100s of letters claiming to be from Jack the Ripper were given to the authorities, we don't know that any of them were actually written by Jack the Ripper. Some letters are signed "Jack the Ripper," some are signed "Leather Apron" (which is what the murderer was often called before the name "Jack the Ripper" became popular), one is signed "Catch me when you can Mishter Lusk".....On and on and on.In short, no one knows which, if any, was the real signature.There is a book of these letters available if you would like to learn more. It includes transcripts and pictures.

What was done about Jack the Ripper?

There was many investigations about the Jack the ripper case. Every thing was done about the Jack the ripper. In those times, Scotland yard did every thing in their hands to try to cath the ripper. There was a villigance team in the east and more attempts to cath Jack the ripper,

Was Jack the Ripper a myth created by the media?

Jack the ripper according to records he existed

Is Jack the Ripper in prison?

Jack the ripper is dead his identity remains unknown to this day.

What did Jack the Ripper do to Annie Chapman?

At the age of 48, she was mutilated and murdered by Jack the Ripper.

What sort of women did Jack the Ripper kill?

Jack the ripper only killed prostitutes

Why did they call jack the ripper jack the ripper?

He was brutal and ripped open the women he killed.

Is the New York Ripper in the movie somehow connected to Jack the Ripper and the Yorkshire Ripper?

The only connection is the word Ripper. Jack The Ripper is the name for a 19th century serial killer that killed prostitutes in London's impoverished east end known as Whitechapel. The Yorkshire Ripper is Peter Suttcliff who was convicted of 13 murders in 1981. The New York Ripper is a fictonal character.

What was the name of Jack the ripper's sisters?

no one knows who jack the ripper is let alone how many sisters he had