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Q: How did James watt discover the electricity?
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What did James watt discover?

today's steam engine

Hat did the James Watt discover?

he invented todays steam engine

Is watt and electricity the same?

No. Watt is the measurement of how much electricity.

Who are the forerunners of electricity?

is James Watt,George Simon Ohm,Alessandro Volta,and Andre Marie Ampere.

Is a watt a circuit?

no a watt is a measurement of electricity

Who was James watt father?

James Watt

What is James Watt's full name?

James Watt's full name was James Gaius Watt.

Is James Watt single?

No, James Watt is not single.

Who was the first discover electricity?

Benjamin Franklin was the first to discover electricity.

What were the names of James Watts children?

James Watt had 4 kids.They are Janet Watt , James Watt Junior , Gregory Watt and Margaret Watt.

What does James watt have to do with calculating power?

The SI unit of power, the watt, is named after James Watt, for his contributions to the development of the steam engine. The symbol for watts is a capital W. The watt is a derived unit, equal to 1 joule of energy per second, a rate of conversion of energy. In electricity, 1 watt is 1 ampere at 1 volt (watts = amps X volts).

Who discovered the watt?

James Watt discovered watt.