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By relaying the Truth to them. All those who recognized the Truth could hear him. He also pointed specifically to Himself and so anyone who came into Jesus' presence came into God's presence. 'He that hath seen me hath seen the Father.' 'I and the Father are one.' 'Before Abraham was I AM.'

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Are Jesus and Muhammad in presence of God?

All God prophets are in presence of God including the 5 greatest prophets; noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (Peace be upon them all)

Is god and Jesus different people?

God and Jesus are not different people; God is Jesus manifest in the flesh.

What does the pascal candle symbolise?

It symbolises the light and presence of God and Jesus.

Was god ever alive?

Yes! In fact when you study the bible, you discover that Jesus is God. Therefore during the time Jesus was on earth he was God - God was alive - and the holy spirit, amen.

How do people feel when they pray?

if you are a Born again . When we pray in JESUS name we feel the Presence of GOD and it is like Heaven. GOD and Your meeting Place in Holy Spirit. He fills us with His presence in our heart in Prayer and it is like Little Heaven on earth.

What are the things that you can do to share the mission of Jesus to the people of God?


Should people believe in Jesus as god?

No, because Jesus is the SON of God.

Is it true that jesus is jehova?

Actually,no Jesus is Jehova's son and Jehova is our god some people think that jesus is our god but alot of people say jehova is our god.

Why do only some people hear about god and Jesus?

because some people don't believe in God and Jesus.

Who did god choose to be the father of his people?

God chose Jesus to be the father of his people. He didn't chose Joseph because God is Jesus' true father, not Joseph. Mary is the mother of His people and Jesus and God are the father of all people.If the children of Irsael are God's people then God chose Abraham to be the father of His people.If Christians are God's people then God is their Father.

What do demons fear?

Demons fear Jesus and God, and people who love Jesus and God.

Who are the important people in christianty?

God, Jesus, Mary (Jesus' mother) and the 12 disciples (but we pray to God and Jesus).

Where did God originate from the god before Jesus?

God was the god before jesus, jesus was gods son. most people believe that god was always there. it hurts your mind to think about it to much. :)

How do people react to the presence of God?

serene and peaceful

Where was Jesus soul in heaven or hell?

No Jesus when crucified took the sins of Man to Sheol(grave).Jesus/God can not be in hell for Godis Holy and cannot be in the presence of Sin.

How many people believe Jesus is God?

About 63% of people do not believe that Jesus was the son of God. That's a lot of people that will end up in hell.

Did god heal people?

Actually, as I recall, Jesus was the one who healed people. But Jesus is God so you could say that god healed people. It was God's will if someone was going to be healed.

How did Jesus tell people about God?

By talking to the people.

Why did Jesus ressurect?

The short answer: to show that death was defeated.The long answer: Why Jesus rose again ties in with why He died. Jesus died as theultimate sacrifice for our sins (wrong-doings against God) God can't be with sin and soall people do wrong, we were cut off from being in the presence of God. Jesus died totake our punishment and make a way for us to be able to come into the presence of Godagain through Jesus.His resurrection is God's proof of His promise that we will be raised anew with Christ toinherit eternal life; that on the Last Day at the resurrection we will all receive new bodieslike Jesus did on that third day when he rose again.The resurrection is the proof of the promise of God to us, and without it, our faith ismeaningless.

Who is the amish god?

Amish people believe in Jesus Christ so the Amish god is Jesus, too.

Is true that Jesus is god?

the god must be the one without father or mother. no sleep or doing what people do. the Jesus is a messenger from god.

How has Jesus saved people?

Jesus never saved any people god did(Jesus made it look like he was saving people)...ECT

Who is the god of the heavens?

God and Jesus God and Jesus God and Jesus

How can you make people believe god and Jesus?

you can't. it is a personal choice to believe in God and Jesus. but what you can do is share the wonders of God and tell people how great He is and how He loves us all.

Does God like Christians the best?

God loves all people equally.But only the people who ask jesus in to their hearts and ask god to forgive them get to go to heaven and be with jesus.

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