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Jonas decided he felt angry and frustrated after he was exposed to the truth about the society's atrocities and the role of the Receiver of Memory. This realization made him question the fairness and morality of the community he lived in, leading to feelings of resentment towards its leaders.

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Q: How did Jonas decide he felt?
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How did Jonas decide he felt what was causing this feeling?

Jonas decides he feels hunger after experiencing stomach pains and realizing it's been a while since his last meal.

Describe Jonas's new level of feeling and what caused them?

jonas felt sad

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Describe how Jonas felt after he watched his father perform the ceremony of release with the twin males?

Jonas felt terrible that his father would participate in that. After he watched his father do that he really couldn't look at his father.

In the giver what do the volunteer hours do for Jonas?

Volunteer hours help decide what Jonas' assignment would be. The Elders would observe Jonas' volunteer hours to see what Jonas is good for.

Why does Jonas like th feeling of safety in the house of th old in the novel the giver?

The house of the old felt comforting and safe to Jonas because Jonas was helping others.

What did Jonas Salk feel when he helped people?

they felt happy to help people

Why did David decide to live in Jerusalem?

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In what chapter did Jonas feel pain in his leg?

Jonas felt pain in his leg in Chapter 23 of "The Giver" when he was traveling through the forest with Gabriel.

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Why would Jonas' sister angry during the visit in the giver?

Jonas' sister, Lily, was upset during the visit in "The Giver" because she felt ignored by her family who were engrossed in discussing Jonas's future as the Receiver of Memory. She was craving attention and felt left out of the conversation.