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“The Giver” is a science fiction novel written by Lois Lowry and published in 1993. It was criticized for its inappropriate content for children, but it won the NewBerry Medal award in 1994.

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The Giver Book Series
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What is the sequel to The Giver?

The sequel is called Son.
The Giver Book Series

What emotion came with the givers favorite memory?


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The Giver Book Series

What is Jonas' title in the book of The Giver?

Jonas is chosen by the Elders as the Receiver of Memory, where he receives special training from the Giver.

The Giver Book Series

What are stirring from The Giver book?

The Stirrings are when boys and girls becomes "sexually interested" in each other.

They have to take the Pills to keep the community's Sameness. Jonas stops taking them after become the Receiver.

The Giver Book Series

What is the rising action in The Giver?

When Jonas becomes the receiver of memories.

The Giver Book Series

What question did Jonas ask his parents after his session with the Giver?

He asked them if they loved him. but they don't know what love is, so it is meaningless. they said that they enjoy him and take pride in his accomplishments.

The Giver Book Series

What was The Givers real name in the book The Giver?


The Giver Book Series
Lois Lowry

Who is Lily in The Giver by Lois Lowry?

Lily is the younger sister of the main character Jonas. She is four years younger than him.

The Giver Book Series

What is the population in The Giver?

It is never said what the population of the Community in The Giver was, but it is known that there are 50 children born each year.

The Giver Book Series

In The Giver what was Jonas allowed to do that he had not been allowed to do before?

Jonas was allowed to stay out until 12 am. and also to have a girlfriend

He was able to lie.

The Giver Book Series

What kinds of punishments are used in Jonas's community in the book the giver?

chastisement with the discipline wand and release or in other words death

The Giver Book Series

In the book giver what is the jonas's moms name?

We never find that out in the story

The Giver Book Series

Man vs man in the book The Giver?

Jonas leaves the community.

The Giver Book Series

What did the giver say was the worst about holding memories?

The worst thing about holding memories is living them and going through the pain that was once felt and feeling different emotions that the present world that Jonas lives in doesn't have

The Giver Book Series
Lois Lowry

What does each age group receive at the ceremonies in The Giver by Lois Lowry?

Born-- Life

Age 1-- Assigned to Family unit and given name because the baby can't stay in the Nurturing Center forever.

Age 3-- Only females get hair ribbons because they start growing hair in different ways and they all need to look the same. Start dream sharing because at age three most babies can talk.

Age 4-- Backward buttoned jacket is given out to teach the kid interdependence.

Age 7-- Front buttoned jacket is given out to learn independence and it was the first visible symbol of maturity.

Age 8-- Comfort object taken away because the kids need to learn to not be so childish. They start volunteer hours because the kids are mature enough to help out other people. They also receive the jacket with pockets and smaller buttons because the kids need to carry around more things.

Age 9-- Get a bike because kids can't always count on their parents to take them places and it would be "The powerful emblem of moving gradually out into the community, away from the protective family unit," Females get hair ribbons taken out as a sign of maturity.

Age 10-- Boys get hair cut. Girls get pigtails taken out and they get a haircut this also is another sign of maturity.

Age 11-- Girls get new undergarments because their bodies will start maturing faster. Boys get longer pants because they also will start maturing quickly. Volunteer hours are now over because they should finish volunteer hours a year before the Ceremony of Twelve.

Age 12-- Receive life assignment and start training for job.

Full adulthood-- Apply for spouse (marriage). Apply for children (13) (Optional).

The Giver Book Series

Who died in The Giver?

Everyone who is "released" is dead. We do know that Rosemary died, and also one of the twins.

The Giver Book Series

When were community members released in The Giver?

Community members were released when they had broken the law three times, when the requested a release, when they had become very old, if they didn't reach the proper birth weight, or if they were the smaller of a set of twins.

The Giver Book Series

What page is dejected on in The Giver?


The Giver Book Series

What does elsewhere mean in The Giver?

"Elsewhere," essentially means the afterlife of sorts, or at least it means the person is no longer living. When a person is sent "Elsewhere," the person is dead.

The Giver Book Series

Which of Jonas' rules do disturb him?

"You can lie." Jonas had learned his whole life not to and now was allowed to.

The Giver Book Series

Does Jonas in The Giver like Fiona?

Yes, in the Giver by Lois Lowry, Jonas shows love for her by dreaming about her, which is known as "Stirrings" in the book.

The Giver Book Series

Who is Benjamin in the book The Giver?

Benjamin is a non important character. He volunteers in the community hospital a lot, and has created a new machine that helps the citizens recover faster.

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The Giver Book Series

What is Jonas beginning to see and how does The Giver help him in the book giver?

Color, the Giver transfers a memory of a rainbow to him.

The Giver Book Series

What grade level is the book The Giver?

I would say 13-16

The Giver Book Series

Why were they going to release Gabe in The Giver?

Gabe was unhealthy and couldn't sleep well without Jonas.


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